Streaming in Norway: Your Guide

Norway is a country that’s technology-focused.

With a population of 5.4 million people, more than 93 percent of Norwegians use the Internet on a daily basis. It has shaped the way people do business and entertain themselves.

There are a growing number of streaming services in Europe and Scandinavia, with Norwegians able to access all of them – if they so wish. In fact, streaming sites are now watched more than pay-TV and terrestrial TV. When you’re looking for a streaming service in Norway, you should take a look at to learn about which are the most reliable, dependable, and value-for-money streaming sites in Norway. This is a reviews website focused on Norway business and Norwegian customers – with honest reviews and ratings. Here you’ll find opinions and experiences to learn which ones are highly recommended by actual customers.

Nw way of watching TV

Terrestrial and pay-TV companies have packaged TV and Internet services together to stem the tide of people ditching TV for streaming services. However, Internet-only services have sprouted around Norway to give customers the best of choices.

Norwegians are currently the world’s biggest spenders on streaming services. Leading the field is SF Anytime. When you click on that link, you’ll be able to learn more about this company, its streaming services, and the various shows it presents. You will be able to read the feedback and opinions of real customers so that you can make an honest and informed decision.

Benefits of streaming services

Streaming services have taken the world by storm and disrupted the traditional TV system. Streaming services offer local and international content, entertainment, and educational programs for all ages of the family.

1: On-Demand Content

As an on-demand service, it gives the viewers the choice of when they would like to watch what they want to watch. There are no time schedules, advertisements, or delays between episodes.

2: New Content Added Weekly

New content is usually loaded weekly with loads of series, seasons, documentaries, and movies added to their archive for viewing pleasure.

3: Stream from anywhere

As a digital TV and entertainment service, you can access your favorite TV shows and movies from anywhere: your TV, laptop, games console, work computer, smart TVs, and your smartphone. You’re also able to create user accounts so that your family members can also enjoy their favorite movies while on the go at any time.


Terrestrial and pay-TV just about collapsed in Norway as a result of streaming sites. With on-demand content, there is nothing that you can’t stream to any of your devices – including live sports, news, movies, series, and educational content. While streaming sites proliferate, we must also state here that they are more expensive than pay-TV contracts or services. You’ll need a fast internet service, a large data account for your mobile streaming as well as the streaming service’s subscription fees. With the COVID-19 pandemic, entertainment has been under the spotlight, users have continued to flock towards streaming services for the widest selection of choices and content.

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Gerard Heperd

Gerard Heperd