Private Cloud vs Dedicated Hosting: What Is The Difference?

With the emergence of websites, applications, and various software tools, online businesses have gotten more and more diverse and in turn, have pushed hosting providers to diversify their services as well. This trend offers scope for growth, improvement, and scaling of online businesses.

That said, every business owner has to make a decision about the type of web hosting and domain hosting services they will choose. If you are someone who knows their website will require more space, data, and bandwidth, you will have to go for bigger and better hosting solutions like a dedicated server in NZ.

However, most people get stuck on whether to choose dedicated server hosting or private cloud hosting! When it comes to such discussions, we have to know that it is not about private cloud hosting vs. dedicated hosting. It is about how you want your server to be like, your website to function, and your other non-negotiables.

Since both hosting solutions are often confused with each other, let us learn their differences so you can make an informed decision!

Private Cloud Hosting vs. Dedicated Server Hosting: The Definitions

● Private Cloud Hosting

Cloud hosting is a type of hosting that allows its users to access resources from a shared environment and build their own websites and applications. These resources are computed from virtual and physical servers, both alike. The user website uses the necessary resources from the cloud it needs, increasing the flexibility and scalability of the website.

Private cloud hosting is when this type of cloud computing happens in an exclusive form. In this form of hosting, the cloud computing environment is dedicated exclusively to one user website. The cloud server is owned by the organization that is using the resources and is provided by a third party.

● Dedicated Server Hosting

When a physical hosting server, also called a bare-metal server, is dedicated to a single organization’s website, it is called a dedicated server. All the resources and tools provided by this server are utilized to build, manage, and maintain one website. This is a private way of hosting a website, and hence, is always confused with private cloud hosting.

Private Cloud Server vs. Dedicated Server Hosting: The Difference

Private Cloud Hosting Dedicated Server Hosting
-Private cloud hosting solutions can be heavy on the pocket. The cost structure is usually steep but is often worth it when we look at it from a long-term perspective. -Dedicated hosting solutions are cost-effective compared to private cloud servers. There are various cheap and standard plans that provide good and reliable services.
-Regarding security, if you do not have a professional and technically strong IT team by your side, you don’t need to fret. Its managed hosting provision covers all the technical parts of security tools integration. -A dedicated server is a strong solution when it comes to security since it provides an isolated environment (unlike a private cloud that runs on a multi-tenant design). It also provides cheap security tools integration and easy management.
-A third party provides a private cloud server, and hence, the controls on the system are not entirely accessible to the user. -The cPanel, root access, configuration, etc., all of these controls are available to the user.
-It is easy to scale a private cloud server since, there are part virtual servers and part physical ones. -With a dedicated server, scaling becomes difficult since it is a physical server with limited storage and space.


On the surface, both the hosting solutions use the same kind of resources and tools and yet are innately different. This is because when it comes to cloud servers vs dedicated servers, the differences are dependent on the perspective of the person it is addressed to. If the purpose of your website is different, your choice will differ!

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Gerard Heperd

Gerard Heperd