What kind of design do I need?

Before starting your project, we schedule a meeting so you can tell us everything your business wants to convey, in what way, your tastes and preferences. In this way we will have the basis to generate unique graphic designs that adapt to your needs and are to your liking.

How is the working method?

Once the concept of your venture is understood, we will establish delivery terms and conditions (regarding the way it is delivered, the changes that can be made if needed, among others), so you only have to wait to receive your pieces. graphics.

Web development

In recent years, the increase in electronic commerce has grown both in Spain and throughout the world. And the pandemic generated by the Covid-19 that kept us at home increased, like never before, the increase in sales through Online Stores.

Wrapped in this context, and being a trend that ended up becoming daily in the lives of almost all people, having a website is MANDATORY when setting up a business, either to sell your products or services, or just to Provide information to Internet users.

We design modern and friendly websites that provide your clients with a simple and intuitive user experience that guides them to achieve the objectives that we set when starting a project: register for an email newsletter, provide your data and then be contacted, downloading an application or buying a product, are some of the possibilities offered by a website developed by Xavier Sánchez.

Each project is a world! Therefore, depending on your needs, your website will be unique.

Landing page design and development

It consists of a single page, divided into up to 5 sections, where the most relevant information about your business will be presented through texts, images and/or videos. The design will be modern and simple for your users, who will be able to interact with the web through forms or buttons on social networks (including WhatsApp), apart from adapting to any screen size, being safe for you and visitors.

We also work on positioning in the most used search engines, so that through an investigation of key phrases we know how your potential clients are looking for you and how we will climb in positions.

Corporate website: a comprehensive look at your company

Composed of several pages, it will allow a large amount of information to be displayed to users, in text, visual and audiovisual format. Organized correctly, following hierarchies in the importance of each content, this site is ideal for companies, institutions or organizations that need to capture a lot of content on a robust website, but at the same time modern and fast.

As with the Landing pages, users will have several ways to contact you and interact with the site, which in turn will be safe, fast and will be positioned in the top positions of Google.

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Gerard Heperd

Gerard Heperd