What is UX/UI design?

A few days ago on faltronsoft Social Networks we dedicated a post to design and many of our followers have asked us many questions: What is UX / UI design? What is each one used for? And that is why we have decided to dedicate a complete article on our Blog to clarify all your doubts.

Surely you have heard about the terms UX and UI within the world of design but without fully understanding what we are talking about. In recent years they have become very popular, as they help us improve digital relations with the world. Although before talking about the features and benefits, it is best to start from the beginning and thus we will better understand why we say that both terms are closely related…

What is UX design?

As its acronym in English indicates (User eXperience), it is defined as the feeling that a user receives when interacting with a product or service. User experience is also measured in how a person feels during and after using any digital product or service your business may offer.

By improving its use, it will grant a better interaction between the website navigator and a product.

UX design is everything that a user will perceive when interacting with products and services that seek to satisfy their needs. To achieve this, different techniques are used to ensure that each space on the website meets the objectives and expectations of its visitors.

Among the techniques we use at faltronsoft we can highlight:

Know the public with whom we want to create a community according to the products or services you sell.
Create and design a product that will meet the needs of both parties.
Perform different types of tests and modifications to create the ideal site.

For a website to have good navigation, it needs to be simple, without complex or large menus. Nor should it have too many buttons (and we must take into account the colors used for them). Speed and performance are also evaluated. If the way in which we present the content is not ordered, and the texts are not organized and simple, we could lose visitors.

How is UX design applied in the world of Digital Marketing?

Let’s see it with a simple example, to understand the importance of a good user experience.

You have your website selling “custom uniforms”, with which your clients must go through the process of requesting a quote. Your website has a contact form, but it is in an invisible part of your website. Or, on the contrary, the form is visible but when sending the query, it gives an error when sending messages.

What do you think will happen? The truth is that in a situation like this, most users wouldn’t even bother trying to log in three times, like in our example. It is very likely that visitors will go from your website directly to the competition, where the forms work.

It is with this simple example that we try to clarify why it is important to have a good user experience on your website or online store. Because beyond the experience of the moment, this inconvenience could make you lose a lot of sales.

Simply put, a good user experience can help generate more leads and close more deals. On the other hand, a bad experience implies the opposite.

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Gerard Heperd

Gerard Heperd