What is UI design?

We define the UI (User Interface) as the user interface, that is, the intention to guide the user through the application during the time he uses it.

The moment a user enters your website, he will find specific actions to navigate the page. The user interface design will allow users to be guided and take actions in a natural and intuitive way.

UI design is found in the design of computers, apps, communication devices, application software, and user experience and interaction sites. We will use the UI design with the areas of computing and design.

User Interface is a complement, appearance and usability of a product. The main feature of this design is not to focus only on making an application or a page, but to create a design that is really satisfying and intuitive.

The designer (or designer) in charge of the UI will focus on designing the web page or mobile application based on the creation of wireframes and mockups from which he will draw the construction of color, gradients, typography and the general visual design of the site. .

Among the techniques we use at Xavier Sánchez we can highlight:

Analysis to verify how the system responds: an organized and navigable interaction design.
Checking the states of the website.
Design of functional forms and buttons.
Creation of icons and images following the trends of the 2023 season.
Selection of color palettes and ideal fonts.

How is UI design applied in the world of Digital Marketing?

Even if you have a super nice website, if you can’t redirect users to perform tasks correctly through the interface, it will be very difficult for them to make the right decisions. And this is how your business sales goals will fail.

Have you ever visited confusing websites where you couldn’t find the information for which you entered the page?

Having a website with a poorly made User Interface will cost your company a lot, since it is very likely that your visitors will return to the search engine and switch to another website where it is easier for them to find what they were looking for.

The UX is what we want our user to feel when entering our website, while the UI is what we do and put on the screen so that the user can feel it. Both things are complementary: we will not be able to have a good user experience without a good interface design, and in turn the improvement of this design will make the user experience equally better.

Now, you will surely want to know how User eXperience and User Interface are related to the sales process of your website. And it is that the UI directly affects the UX, since if the navigation of the site is bad, it will be very difficult for it to provide a good experience.

To learn about the differences between UX / UI design, continue reading our Mano Digital Spain blog article…

And although these two concepts are related, it does not mean that they depend on each other. We will teach you what are the differences between both, UX design and UI design.

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Gerard Heperd

Gerard Heperd