What is the Relevance of Marketing Automation?

Many of you will wonder what marketing automation is and how it can help you in your professional day-to-day. For this reason, as commercial activities progress and enter the digital universe, the need to develop automated solutions in the different units of the companies is generated, in order to speed up the work of workers, reduce errors and promote reliability. productivity and business success.

The Marketing department, which is essential to publicize and publicize the company, could not be left out of this automated panorama, so in the following article you will learn the relevance of Marketing Automation for a company.

Be careful, you have to know how to differentiate email marketing from marketing automation, because although it may seem similar, marketing automation is much more powerful and complete than the previous one (let’s see why).

What is Marketing Automation?

If you don’t know what marketing automation is, identify what is the systematization of repetitive processes, in the sales department of a company, through software tools that allow their automation.

A marketing department carries out tasks such as: sending follow-up emails, scheduling publications or advertising on social networks, contact feedback, segmentation of a database, among other things, and all these processes can be automated partial or total.
What is marketing automation?

Marketing automation is a work methodology that allows us to automatically send emails to people registered in a database, either at a certain time, with the mere fact of registering on the page, for example, welcome emails , or driven by user actions within the web, for example, leaving a purchase process unfinished.

Using this system extends marketing confidence. It makes it possible to send individualized messages that fit the profile of each user. In addition, email automation helps us manage with minimal human intervention, therefore, there will be more time and resources to dedicate to larger tasks.

What are the main benefits of marketing automation?

These digital tools allow sales or marketing department staff to dedicate more time to those tasks where human judgment is essential to build meaningful relationships with customers.

On the other hand, we could mention the following as benefits of marketing automation:

Contributes to companies in digital sales processes.
Create information platforms for potential customers.
Advertising cost savings.
Customer loyalty.
Facilitates post-sales feedback to know customer satisfaction.
Expansion of the payment methodology.
Personalization of services.

What are the most used marketing automation software?

Among the most used marketing automation software on the web we have:

Adobe marketing automation: Considered the largest marketing automation network, uniquely combining mastery of automation, lead development, content, and customer account-based marketing, fractionalize user population with simple behavioral and multi-channel demographics to gain general interaction between customers and prospects. In addition, it generates performance analysis for your business.

Pardot marketing automation: One of the best marketing automation platforms, and works under the following perspectives: Automated management of potential users. Accumulate customer data in a non-invasive way. Pardot sets conditional rules for an individual to choose the fields they want to fill out, runs personalized email campaigns, and offers real-time alerts.

Salesforce marketing automation: It is an automation system based on interaction with customers in order to keep the company connected with users, improve processes, optimize profitability and stimulate business development. Salesforce is characterized by executing all its actions on the cloud platform, in addition to the fact that all its actions are executed and developed on the web, which allows users to access it from any device or place.
Zoho marketing automation: It is a marketing automation software that will help create a great place to influence, educate and communicate with your prospects, all in one, to successfully process their marketing moves through different channels. In addition, it allows you to analyze the effectiveness of your advertising work so that you can make the best decisions.

Some examples of marketing automation

We already know that email marketing automation is related to using a virtual stage to execute repetitive marketing jobs, offering the company the advantage of saving time, money and resources, but how do we put this marketing automation into practice to promote management? and increase the sales of your business?

Here are four examples of marketing automation that you could incorporate into your business tactics to refine and optimize your workflows.

Welcome email series: it is the first contact that you must establish with the people who have subscribed to your page, it must contain a powerful headline that communicates the benefits of subscribing and use a design that obliges, in good standing, the user to leave your email Which to develop yourself or hire the services of a specialized company such as: Oink My God; totalplay; Adidas or any other that you can get on the web.
Segment your posts: send each person what they really want to see. And you can achieve this simply by adding tags to each contact in your database. When users visit the website they are telling you what matters to them. You can automatically add a tag when the contact takes action, then send information based on their interests.
Follow up with the customer after the purchase: the idea of advertising is not just for the customer to buy once, but to stay with the company and become an active customer, for this the strategy is to gain their trust and make the most of your product, for this you can establish online help strategies, downloadable tutorials, or links to pages that have more information about the product or service purchased.
Personal contact with your clients: massive campaigns are no longer in fashion, maintain more personalized contact with your client every day.

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Gerard Heperd

Gerard Heperd