What is Inbound Marketing?

The term Inbound Marketing literally translates as “Internal Market” but we can also refer to it as “Attraction Marketing”; It is a strategy or technique to reach future customers through other channels such as blogs, social networks, search channels, etc. without being invasive. In recent years, it has started to gain more popularity due to the large amount of user traffic that can be moved to a web page; managing to establish a constantly increasing user database (leads).

Differences between “Inbound marketing” and traditional marketing

There are three key differences between Inbound Marketing and Outbound Marketing, or better known as “Traditional Marketing”. Below we explain what they are and why the first option is better for your business:

The Approach: While traditional marketing is primarily interested in trying to reach as many consumers as possible and sell its products, it is not interested in what kind of audience it should be targeting; Inbound Marketing prioritizes the experience of the visitor to your website or market, tries to offer a producer based on the needs and priorities of the consumer and creates content that meets their needs. What makes the client feel more confident when choosing you as a supplier and guarantees the return and entry of new buyers.

Interaction with customers: By using digital media to offer our products, you will have the ability to interact with users quickly and easily; Both the social networks and the web page that you use as a means of sale have the option that your buyers or visitors can leave a comment or a rating about their purchase or the service that you provide them. If you are good, you can attract new clients and keep the ones you already have, and if they give constructive criticism, you can use it immediately so that they see that you are available to them and that you will do everything possible to meet their expectations and improve their experience. . In traditional marketing, this option is not available, since advertisements are usually given through traditional media (television, newspapers, radio, etc.) and it is impossible to immediately control the reaction of viewers and be able to resolve their complaints or doubts about the product. offered.

The final result: As we mentioned before, the integration of your product to digitality is key to prosper in the market; Although it may be slower to achieve that success that you are wishing and waiting for, because traditional media has a much larger reach, we can guarantee that the fact that you manage to get customers who are loyal to your business and who trust you enough is much more effective than just offering a product without a fixed audience and having as many possibilities to attract people as to remain stuck at a fixed point. Inbound Marketing allows you to create buyer personas that will help you improve your website more and more and thus enlarge the public, Outbound Marketing does not.

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Gerard Heperd

Gerard Heperd