What is Facebook Marketplace and how to sell?

Surely you have heard that there is a virtual store on Facebook to sell and buy products, and we want to share with you all the details about WHAT IS FACEBOOK MARKETPLACE AND HOW TO SELL?

Facebook is a very popular platform, currently has 2.74 billion active users. And although its creation was in 2004, Facebook’s #Marketplace began to work in 2016.

Initially, Facebook Marketplace allowed the sale of personal items, and users who saw the post could like the post or contact the seller.

Currently, this tool allows users and companies to sell items of all kinds, cars, services and even real estate.

In addition, this online sales platform offers users products from other users who reside in a specific geographical area. In fact, they are currently developing a feature that will increase the visibility of the publications.

What is Facebook Marketplace?

Facebook Marketplace is a platform that allows small merchants and entrepreneurs to sell their products safely AND FREE. It is a place where the supply and demand of a place can interact.

As in any business, there is a strategy to attract more customers to the merchandise and generate successful sales. The Facebook marketplace has more and more functional options for your products.

Facebook Marketplace allows:

Buy and sell products by shopping directly on Facebook, it’s safe and free.

It includes features such as: modify the seller’s location, save the posts you like and browse by category.

By joining buy-sell groups by locations, interests or products you will achieve greater visualization.

Sending messages between buyer-seller and secure payment through the platform.

If you have a local business, selling on the Marketplace can be the perfect tool to increase your income. Just read our guide, in which we will explain the benefits and how to create the products from the platform.

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Gerard Heperd

Gerard Heperd