What is and how to create a Call To Action

For those of you who already know some aspects of Marketing, surely you have already heard of the so popular CTA (or Call To Action). And for those who don’t know them yet, we will teach you what they are and how to use CTAs to sell more.

Since it is such an important tool for your business, we will explain in detail what it is, what types there are, and how to use them.

On all digital platforms, whether on the web or on social networks, we deal a lot with the issue of calls to action or better known as Call To Action (CTA).

CTAs or Calls to Action are any type of call (visual or textual) that will seek to get your reader or visitor to perform a certain action. It can currently be found in many of the advertisements we see daily, websites, blogs, email and more…

Calls to action are used to persuade the audience and also get interaction with the brand. Either through comments, clicks and responses to customers. Once the user enters our website and performs a certain action, it will boost web positioning (or SEO).

This action informs the search platforms that your site is of quality, and thus will show it to other navigators. In this way you get more reach and the possibility of more clients.

Let’s see in detail what is the CTA?.

What is CTA?

As we have briefly commented above, CTAs are calls created for your readers to perform a certain action.

It is a message that encourages new visitors and customers to take a specific action, this can be presented in different ways.

One of the examples: In the case of RRSS, publishing surveys, publications with calls to action, clicking on links to the website.

On the other hand, we can find CTAs on a website, such as the subscribe button to receive information of interest by email.

We will find different types of CTAs, so you must identify the CTA that best suits your business objectives. Calls to action are an important tool when it comes to promoting your Marketing products and services and generating leads (or contacts).

Remember that all calls to action (or CTA) must take the visitor to the next step. But if you don’t have a well-defined strategy or sales funnel, this action could be lost.

By using the different Calls to Action, you will find a wide variety of them to implement. Use only the necessary ones! No one likes to visit a website where it just looks like they want to “sell us something”. TRUE?.

Alright, now we can talk about the ITEMS YOU SHOULD NOT OVERLOOK when deciding to place your CTAs. Let’s see them!

Elements that should not be missing in your CTAs:

Let’s discover what are the elements that cannot be missing when placing your Calls to Action on your website or Social Networks:

Precise value proposition: You can’t expect your users to simply provide their personal information. Visitors will be able to know what will happen when they click on your CTA. Will you share an ebook? Request budgets? Participate in a contest?. A well-done Call to Action will clearly indicate what the user will get by tapping on the link.
Attractive design: This is where your knowledge in graphic design should shine, use the recommended colors and sizes according to the product or service you offer. The CTA should be as striking and large as possible to attract the attention of your visitors.
Texts that incite action: In short, you must be able to attract the user and get them to take an action. We will talk about these texts below.
A landing page with a sales funnel: Your CTA will be more effective when you direct your visitors to a unique landing page. When creating your CTA you should focus on the stage of the sales funnel where your visitor will be.

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Gerard Heperd

Gerard Heperd