What is a content calendar?

Do you often run out of ideas for your social media content? Do you unintentionally repeat similar topics or content? Do you forget to post content on any of the platforms with which you interact with your followers? A social media calendar is the solution your business needs.

Hello everyone! Today we bring you a complete guide on how to professionally plan the content to publish on your social networks, what tools to use according to the objectives we want to achieve, how to look for inspiration to always have interesting content, how to work with hashtags, at what times it is best publish, and the Xavier Sánchez calendar template for you to download and use in your ventures. Let’s start:

What is a social media content calendar and why should I use it?

A social media calendar can be anything from a text document with some dates and links, a sheet in a notebook in your work area, or a complete application that takes care of scheduling and posting automatically. The way you organize your posts will depend on the complexity of your account(s), the volume of posts, the number of people who will interact with it, and your personal preferences.

You will be consistent in the publications: If you are looking to create a community that reacts to your publications, grow in the number of followers and develop a brand identity, a calendar will be your main ally in your purposes. Planning your publications in advance will ensure that you always have content to publish, since even in the weeks with little content, when planning you can use timeless content (such as tips, recommendations, phrases and even memes) to never run out of ideas.

You will make fewer mistakes: Mainly when you work as a team, planning and working in advance will make mistakes visible before the time of publication to correct them, either by yourself or by a member of your team.

More vision of important dates: Christmas, anniversaries, black friday, it will be much easier to remember and create exclusive content for these dates by viewing it on a calendar and having the necessary time to optimize your publications for these events that can be very important for your brand.

You will save time: Organizing your publications will allow you to work in advance, without having to think about what your design or entry will be every time you have to design or write a text. By having all your content organized, you will be able to work in advance and in moments of inspiration finish the work of days or even weeks, in one go.

Your content will improve in quality: Having a long-term vision allows you to better organize your human and digital resources to create optimal content for your networks. Working with time and in an organized manner will always improve the final result of your publications, being reflected in greater approval from your target audience.

It is the best way to track your progress, and identify your strengths and weaknesses: By documenting all your content you will be able to analyze day by day, week by week and month by month, what has given better or worse results, and know what you have to write down in your next calendars to better reach your audience.

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Gerard Heperd

Gerard Heperd