What features does BitRaser File Eraser Software have?

Every user has access to a wealth of data in today’s age of information technology. Every day, we generate and consume an increasing amount of data. More data entails greater duty and danger. Data theft, intellectual property theft, and fraud are all prevalent dangers. We all know what happens next! There’s no need to be concerned since we’ve found a solution to the problem.

Before giving over your machine or storage drive to someone, you clearly remove all of your data. However, it isn’t totally eliminated, and it necessitates the use of powerful software such as BitRaser File Eraser. We’ll provide you with a thorough BitRaser file eraser¬†evaluation in this post so you can reduce your risks and keep your personal data safe!

Erasing Data with BitRaser File Eraser

BitRaser File Eraser Software can delete data from any storage device, like hard discs, solid-state drives, USB drives, SD cards, servers, and more. It will erase all types of data from your laptop/PC, including browser search history, bookmarks, saved passwords, application traces, unused spaces, files and folders, and anything else. This is why it is regarded as the greatest file erasing tool. The following are some of the features of the BitRaser file eraser.

Erases application traces permanently

The activity log, as well as saved data and temporary files, are stored by the program installed on your Laptop/PC. The majority of the time, consumers are unaware of this information. BitRaser File Eraser ensures that all operating system and software traces are removed.

Erases browser temporary files

Browser history and temporary files are other types of sensitive information. As technology allows us more access, it also introduces new threats. Our online activity stores passwords, temporary internet files, cookies, and a variety of other data, which this program entirely wipes.

Erases Unused Space

Do you realize that even erased data might be found on your hard drive? If it is recovered, this might be an issue. To assure your total protection, BitRaser File Eraser will wipe all data and all traces of it.

Support Global Data Erasure Standards

This program also includes industry-standard data wiping technology that meets with the US Department of Defense’s erasure criteria. This alone puts an end to the dispute about whether or not it is valid. It demonstrates that no program can retrieve all of the data that BitRaser has deleted.

Generate Data Erasure Reports

Produces certified erasure reports to assist with statutory and regulatory compliance. Allows you to save erasure reports both locally and on a secure cloud console.

How Does BitRaser File Eraser Wipe Hard Drive Data?

  • Download the Software and Install It

Bitraser File Eraser programme is available for download from their website.

  • Software Configuration

Following the installation of Bitraser File Eraser, a one-time setting wizard will appear. It allows you to set up the software’s logging folder, erase algorithm, and other important options for wiping your hard disc. After that, you’ll be sent to BitRaser’s dashboard.

  • Erase Deleted Data

This function allows you to permanently erase files that have previously been removed, ensuring that no software can restore them. You must do so by selecting the Free Space option from the left menu. You’ll now be able to pick between internal and external drives to erase.

Note: The Empty Space option will not destroy current data on your hard drive; rather, it will produce new binary data in the available free space on your disc. The data recovery software will not be able to restore your old data if you overwrite it with fresh binary data.

  • Erase Files and Folders

It’s time to erase the existing files and directories once you’ve destroyed the deleted files. Select the File & Folder option from the same left-hand menu. It will once again display all of the files on your hard disc. Here you may choose the folders or files you want to permanently delete. To begin the wiping procedure, choose the drive you want to erase and click the Erase Now option.

Note:¬†Doing so will permanently wipe all of your files, with no way of recovering them. So, before you go any further, double-check that you’ve stored all of your key data, passwords, software serial numbers, and so on to a secure location that you can access in the future.

Final Thoughts

There are various data erasing software available, but few of them guarantee that they have completed the task entirely. Using BitRaser will provide you peace of mind that all of your data is gone forever and that no recovery tools or software will be able to recover it. It is one of the most effective alternatives for businesses and other establishments.

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Gerard Heperd

Gerard Heperd