Web Vitals for SEO: More tools to keep optimizing.

Beyond the Core Web Vitals that we teach you and explain throughout this article, there are several other viable metrics that do their job well. Although we must say that for the most part these Web Vitals serve as complements to the original ones; to help detect a specific problem and solve it more efficiently or to help improve the experience of users who visit your website.

The First Contentful Paint and Time to First Byte metrics are fundamental aspects of the load experience and are useful for detecting conflicts with LCP (such as slow website load times). Another example are metrics such as Total Blocking Time and Time To Interactive, which are essential laboratory metrics to detect and solve problems related to interactivity that directly affect the FID.

Effects of Core Web Vitals on SEO: How will they affect the organic positioning of your website?

The Core Web Vitals are in a lower plane with respect to the relevance of a website to respond to a certain query, this means, if the content of a website is of quality and answers exactly what the user is looking for, it will position the website better. that page than one that has the optimal page experience indicators but displays poor content to your audience. These indicators work
as a minimum threshold to reach and, from there, reduce thousandths of a second in the time that users enter your web page. Think of it like this, if you offer a good first impression to those who enter your page, the visits will clearly rise and with them the positive ratings, the Google algorithm will position you higher and higher in their search engines and your audience will grow at

as that happens.

The balance between the three Core Web Vitals tools will have a great influence on the positioning of your page if used and executed properly; the better this positioning, the higher your website will appear in the SERPS (Search Engine Results Page) in English, it refers to the results pages displayed by a specific search engine and where you want your page to be positioned in order to have more visits) . A development model that is responsive, accessible and oriented towards mobile adaptation will always be considered the best alternative when wanting to achieve an experience that is satisfactory for the user and helps them find what they are looking for and also, thanks to you!


Despite the fact that Web Vitals, especially Core Web Vitals, are the best indicators of quality and content that are currently known and that their appearance in the world of Digital Marketing is quite recent, this does not mean that they are perfect or unbeatable; What’s more, we are excited to know that another feature will be added to them in their next updates. However it will take a
time to be carried out and the developers of these systems must wait for the Core Web Vitals to be stable and have an update period between each one due to the testing time that each one takes, although they are field tools they also carry a great deal of research background to understand how the market works; With the rest of the Web Vitals, like the ones we mentioned before, the situation changes and they become more experimental and changeable than the Core, because in most cases they tend to be an accompaniment to the main tool.

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Gerard Heperd

Gerard Heperd