Types of Calls to Action

Now that we know the concept of what we should do with CTAs, we can see the different formats in which you can place them on your web page or RRSS.

Usually used on the home page of websites or online stores. One of its main characteristics, in addition to performing an action, includes having a short and direct text.

These are used for both Social Networks and the website and have content associated with images. It does not have a fixed format, it can be horizontal or vertical. And of course, when you click on it, it will perform a certain action.


Within all content marketing strategies you will find words with intention. In the case of text, it fulfills a key function to perform a specific action. It is usually placed at the end of a publication to achieve better results.


The previous type of call to action referred to a phrase that invites action through persuasive language. In the text links we can place in a phrase or keyword the link where the user goes when clicking.
As you will have seen, we find different methods to get users to do a certain action, and depending on the platform where you want to publish them, it will be more convenient to use some than others.

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How to choose an appropriate Call to Action?

We have created a short summary for you so that you can find your ideal CTA according to the action to be executed. Let’s start!

Consider the sales funnel:

In order to get more sales, you must establish the steps to be followed by a user before buying your product or service.

Within the sales funnel we find four stages: your target audience, leads from an audience that knows you (and has some interest), qualified leads and finally your customers (the group that you must maintain and retain).

If you think about it this way, you’ll understand why each stage of the process requires a different Call to Action. Each moment of this funnel needs a specific treatment.

For example, it is not convenient to use CTAs such as “Come to know our website” with long-term customers. Just as you shouldn’t include a close sale button for a user who doesn’t know you.

This example brings us to the next point to keep in mind when choosing the right Call to Action.

Know who your audience is:

Who buys your products? Do you know how to identify the customer profile that consumes what you offer? If you have a business and you do not know this type of public, you should find out urgently.

It is about identifying your buyers by similar behavior patterns dictated by gender, age, habits, interests, type of social level and other details.

This information helps you understand what your business should focus on and also helps your audience get what they want. This is essential information to achieve the success of a company.

Choose the format of your Call to Action:

Once you know your audience and can determine what they need, it will be time to identify the format in which we will make the Call to Action that best suits the campaign.

Above we have discussed the different types of CTAs that you can use depending on whether it is by email, on a website or on Social Networks. After testing them, you should perform an analysis to see which CTA formats have been most successful with your target audience.

Do not hesitate to dedicate the time that is necessary to choose your Marketing strategy for business. And if you need a Digital Hand, you can contact us so that we can create a plan for you.

Continue reading to define the objective of your CTAs and the final steps so that you can start using it in your business.

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Gerard Heperd

Gerard Heperd