Tips for choosing the best hosting for your website or online store:

Good technical service: Because a virtual store that operates 24 hours a day, 365 days a year will need constant technical service availability. In the event of a crash or a problem with the server, you may lose sales or new customers, so having a hosting package that ensures technical service in your language is essential to make a decision.

Backup copies: In the event of a cyberattack you must be able to minimize the consequences on your site. And before choosing your hosting service you should know with what frequency and type of backup copies your online business will have. Nobody likes to waste the work done.

Available space: It is important to know the storage space available to host your website. And more if it is about shared servers. Although we cannot give you an approximation of the necessary space, since each project is unique, it will depend a lot on the size of your project.

Available email accounts: Checking how many corporate email accounts you can have hosted is important depending on the project. If you need to have accounts for each department within your company, check this aspect before hiring.

Available domain and subdomains: It all depends on the expectations and needs of your project, but you must know the availability of the domains and subdomains available in the hosting service. Especially if you later want to start launching an online store that is associated with the main website of your project.

Control panel: Although you probably do not deal directly with the internal management of your website, it is advisable to choose a type of hosting that has a control panel that is fast but above all intuitive. This control panel will allow you to access and manage email accounts, databases, redirections…

Opinions and reputation: As obvious as it may seem, check the opinions and ratings of other users when choosing a hosting for your business. Consult opinions if you still have doubts, other users will help you.

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Gerard Heperd

Gerard Heperd