Tips for applying UX and UI design:

Adapt the website to the profile of the ideal or objective user: If you have already done research and segmentation (targeting) and you already have the profile of your objective user and you can apply it to the web. It uses the defined information to adapt colors, images or part of your writing according to what it likes. Users, unconsciously, by feeling comfortable and familiar, will be more likely to make a conversion, as neuromarketing explains. You will see how beneficial it is to adapt to the interests of the user in an online business.
Create a specific and practical navigation menu: Make a list with all the pages and define which ones are the most relevant to be in the main menu. The links should be as general and direct as possible: find the words that your target expects to see, define the ones that are key and ALWAYS analyze the web of your competitors.
Create attractive icons or effects: To help visitors to know about the existence of certain calls to action, it is necessary to show icons and/or some type of effect or animation in each action. Visual cues like that are of great benefit in the UX, too, for example, to let you know what page you’re on.
The most effective thing in this aspect is to have a “static” menu: Having a fixed menu ends up pleasing the user more because it wastes less time and effort, leading the user to exactly what they are looking for.
Internal search engines are important: The average netizen, unconsciously, got used to browsing through searches, you know that he is always in a hurry, and exploring your entire website is not his main objective, and that is why if he does not find what he is looking for , it will leave your website.
Minimalist YES: a page full of elements without order is not going to be very effective. People want clarity in the interface of a site. The important thing, the goal should not be exactly to have few elements, but to have the right ones in the right places.
Humanize your means of contact: Provide contact information from the front page or a well-designed call to action that leads to the full contact section.

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Gerard Heperd

Gerard Heperd