The Color Wheel in Marketing

If you are thinking of starting a new business, you should think about the colors you want to use both for the logo and for the website or your Social Networks. Before starting to design, you should see this article to learn in detail about the color wheel and its importance in the world of Digital Marketing.

The world in which we live surrounds us with colors and each one of them awakens a sensation or memory in us. And that is why before choosing colors “because you like them” we study together the best corporate colors that represent what your business means.

We must know the different aspects of light and color to understand the color wheel. Today we will focus on the different ways in which you can combine colors and create sensations with the tones you use to sell more in your business or be easily remembered by your customers.

Within the world of Digital Marketing we have a wide variety of opportunities to improve the presentation of our products and services. And one of the points that we will analyze today is that of Color Marketing.

Choosing a good color combination is important to convey something to your visitors without the need to say it.

Most companies carry out studies to choose the corporate colors that will represent them, since colors can influence the decision to buy or not buy at the moment.

Companies, with the choice of their colors, aim to have an effect on consumers. For this, it must be taken into account that the choice of color must be linked to the target audience to which the business is directed.

Why should I choose colors from the color wheel for my brand?

Colors sell, since we unconsciously associate them with a feeling. And this can be positive or negative, depending on your industry and the audience you sell to.

It provides realism. Objects have color and humans see the world in color.

It promotes attention. We react better to color than to black and white. Bright colors will arouse the interest of your visitors.

Promotes recognition. Establishing a color palette for your brand will allow your users to easily recognize your products.

Improve aesthetics. Color embellishes things and makes it possible to “give them life”.

The color enhances the properties of the products. Highlight functional or symbolic attributes. A clear example would be, a black hammer will seem safer and more practical than a pink one.

Apart from optical considerations, we must not forget that colors transmit emotion, strength, energy and produce sensations.

If you want to know more details about the meaning of colors for your business, come visit our blog article where we explain what each of the colors that you can associate with your brand symbolizes.

Using the correct color wheel colors can be very useful for the marketing of your brand, a good choice of colors, apart from what they transmit, can be beneficial. At certain times, users will associate colors when they see them with our brand, and it is very important that your users remember you.

Deciding on the ideal colors for your brand will not be easy, so we recommend testing and deciding which color may be better. Choose what we want to be the predominant color in our image, and what colors we want to play with according to the content we want to highlight. As we already know there are tastes like colors, and surely our criteria is the most valid when choosing, but taking into account the advice that we will provide today, it will favor the correct choice of colors in Marketing.

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Gerard Heperd

Gerard Heperd