Strategies to attract and retain customers for your business:

Well, the moment of truth has arrived, now we will teach you the best tactics to get customers and retain them with your brand. Pay attention to each of them, since all of them together will achieve the best results.

Communicate as if you were human

One of the main consumer complaints regarding customer service, “robotic responses”. And we don’t mean leaving an automated message for when our business is out of business hours. We are talking about communication, the way in which you respond to doubts, inconveniences or queries from your community.

Many companies decide to have their employees memorize greetings or have predetermined responses by topic without focusing on the main reason the customer contacted. And many times they end up without resolving the issue.

When you talk to your clients, try to keep the communication as cordial and personal as possible (without being over the top). Be sure to use their names, use humor if appropriate, use smileys (when appropriate). Showing empathy will help you connect more with your customers.

All interactions will allow you to attract and retain customers. Little by little the usual interactions are forming a relationship. DON’T MISS ANY OPPORTUNITY TO TALK WITH YOUR CUSTOMERS!

To attract customers, your objective will be to maintain fluid conversations, listening to the needs or claims that customers have. Quality conversations give the touch to differentiate us from the competition.

How can you improve your customer service?

One of the smartest strategies that you should use when building customer loyalty is to optimize all customer service channels.

Direct and personal contact: In the most personalized way possible, you must attend to the queries or concerns of your community.

Agile interaction at the moment: The moment you have to solve a problem, the response must be immediate. Even if it is an answer in which you indicate that you will communicate the problem to provide you with the best solution.

If customers are represented by your brand, they will continue to buy your products or services.

From the beginning you must show that customers matter to you, and that you appreciate their collaboration by buying your products or sharing your posts on Social Networks, for example.

Take the opportunity to welcome new followers to your community and introduce your brand by showing the problems that your product will solve.

Have clear and honest policies

To make a good first impression and to keep your customers buying your products again, you must have honest terms and conditions regarding the buying relationship between your company and your customers.

For example, if you have an Online Store you must have a section in which you communicate information to your users on these topics:

Return policies: Have you ever wanted to buy something in a store for the first time but you don’t know if it will meet your expectations? Surely you have gone to the exchange and return policies section to clear up your doubts. Since you can’t try a product before you buy it, it’s a comfort to know that you can return or exchange for something you like.

Shipping information: Just as you will be transparent with your prices, you must also be transparent with shipping times. Do not promise things that cannot be fulfilled, because a customer waiting for your product could leave a bad review or stop buying from us.

There are very simple tools such as SMS that notify the status of the order or shipment, keep the customer informed, improve the shopping experience and reduce discontent. It is important to offer several channels, such as chat, phone, email and social networks, to facilitate contact and respond quickly.

Honesty and transparency are essential for your client to trust your brand. If you make a mistake, admit it and provide solutions.

It’s important to recognize that we can improve if our customers point out our flaws, so it’s important to receive feedback, whether it’s good or not so good.

All customer loyalty actions will be of value. You will have to define how your product or service differs from that offered by the competition, and it will determine whether or not your customers choose your brand.

Be constant on Social Networks

In this digital age, having a presence in RRSS increases the recognition of your brand, provides communication channels with your customers and allows your followers to know all your products.

You can also count on promotional strategies with influencers and brand ambassadors to reach a new audience interested in your products / services.

You will achieve great results if you work with the right people!

Create complete calendars in which you can show your products, benefits, offers and valuable content for your publications. Do you have to put together your Social Media Marketing strategy? READ OUR BLOG ARTICLE “Management of social networks for companies. Create content like a Community Manager”.

Other highly valuable content in your business, humanize the brand. Regardless of whether your venture is new or you have been on the market for years.

You can connect and sell much more if your community knows “flesh and blood” people behind your brand.

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Gerard Heperd

Gerard Heperd