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Boost your digital marketing strategy by appearing in online searches and attract new customers to your website.
Hello everyone, WELCOME to Xavier Sánchez’s blog. In this space we will transmit our knowledge so that, together with studies and experience, your digital businesses achieve the success they so desire.

Today we venture into one of the most studied and proven effective topics in digital marketing: Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

What is SEO?

The acronym SEO, in English, summarizes Search Engine Optimization, which translated into Spanish means “Search Engine Optimization”.

Spinning a little finer, we could define SEO as the optimization practices on a website so that it ranks at the top of the search engines, organically (search results that are not paid ads).

In the West, it is common knowledge that Google comfortably dominates the web search engine market, so concentrating our efforts on climbing positions on their pages will greatly help our business grow.
Google and its algorithm

The Google algorithm could be defined as the series of instructions that the search engine follows to classify and position the sites indexed to it.

Comprehensive knowledge of search engine behavior will help us position our website at the top of their lists, as long as we keep up to date, since the way they process information is constantly changing (like everything in the digital world).

Seo On-Page (internal factors of the website)
To start this long road to success, we must first make sure that our site is optimal for our users and for Google.

For this, it is necessary to take care of both technical issues (the speed of the site, its security, the correct execution of the code) and content (quality texts, attractive images, a logical and easy-to-understand content hierarchy) that we will detail later. .

Off-Page SEO

Once the internal issues of our site are resolved, we can focus our content marketing on other platforms to increase traffic to our website.

Visits from social networks, and quality links from other websites, are great allies that will help you climb in web search engines. Another criterion external to our website will be the market niche in which we try to position ourselves: some items will have more competition and higher quality than others.

Best practices: Develop for the users, not for the algorithm
Falling into the temptation of filling our texts with keywords (we will see this later), filling our websites with links, or simply not thinking first about the user experience, will negatively affect our results. Google robots will not hire your services or buy your products!

How does a good SEO enhance my digital marketing strategy?
Business opportunity without investment in advertising

We know that Google is the most used search engine, we also know that today everyone is constantly searching online, and that the web is the biggest business opportunity in modern times. How would it NOT help us if our business is first on the pages of the most used search engine in our region and the world?

If we know what our potential customers are looking for to find our products/services, and we focus on appearing in their searches, we will achieve a massive reach (believe us, something that a newspaper ad or a billboard would never achieve) for FREE, since SEO focuses on positioning sites organically in search engines.

What do I need to know to position my site on the main page of Google?

Now you may wonder, do I have to have a degree in marketing or advertising to understand all these concepts? Do I have to buy expensive courses or books to get the necessary knowledge? The answer is no.

Today the information is practically free:

Search engines provide you with free documentation on how they work.
There are a large number of free courses available to get started in the world of digital marketing, a good option is Google Activate.
Many content creators, like Xavier Sánchez, decided to share our knowledge, experiences and advice with you, through blog articles or social networks.

Now is it easy to do seo? The answer is also NO.

All the necessary knowledge will take your time and effort, you must separate the reliable sources from those that are not, and you must bring all this knowledge to real life to analyze its results and change your strategy according to your objectives.

Our advice: STUDY, TRY, MAKE A WRONG, TRY AGAIN, and above all, stay updated so that your competitors don’t surpass you (the digital world is constantly changing).

If you are constant, you will see the results. Now we are going to show you how Mano Digital does it!

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