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Once your content is ready to be published, all that remains is to publish it on the agreed dates and times, or use an application that allows us to schedule our publications in advance to forget about this task and rest assured that the calendar at the bottom of the page will be respected. the letter. faltronsoft recommends:

hoot suite

Hootsuite supports a wide range of platforms, including personal accounts, business pages, and other types of social activity. It allows you to schedule future publications, create posts within the app, and has a very complete metrics system. She is one of the leaders in the field!


Buffer allows you to develop a selection of relevant posts that you want to share, which you can then schedule to post at the most suitable and appropriate times for your audience. Its mobile app and browser extension are a great help in increasing productivity.

Facebook Business Manager

It is the native tool of Facebook and Instagram to schedule your publications, it is free and any account with a business profile can use it. A good option if you don’t have a budget and want to start automating our publications on these two digital channels.
Periodically review the effectiveness of your calendar and make the necessary changes to improve it.

Over time, one gets used to working in an organized manner and this increases productivity, but it does not mean that the first content calendar we create is the most effective for our project. Include in meetings with your team (or meditate on it when you want to make changes if you work alone) the calendar issue, and listen to the suggestions that the members have to work more comfortably with it. Maybe there’s a better tool for organizing and scheduling posts, maybe adding some specific metric will help improve our vision of our goals, or maybe it’s time to try a new schedule on Instagram. Listen to your team and be open to changes!


When generating a content calendar for social networks, we must take into account which digital channels are best suited to our objectives, and starting from that, start the search for inspiration, establishment of the volume of publications, content creation and publication. or its programming. Working in an organized way will help you save time, avoid mistakes and improve your content.

Finally, we attach you so that you can download the template that we use at faltronsoft to organize our content on social networks.

If you still need help managing your social networks, do not hesitate to ask about our digital marketing plans.

Until next time!

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Gerard Heperd

Gerard Heperd