Ready to Get Noticed? Zoek Marketing Shares 5 Tips Getting Your Site To The First Page of Google

Want to boost your business and get more customers? The digital marketing gurus at Zoek Marketing share 5 fast tips for improving your reach, boosting your brand, and getting your website to the first page of Google:

1. Discover Your Keywords

To optimize your website and maximize online visibility, says Zoek Marketing, it’s crucial to know the important industry phrases your customers use when searching for your services. Without the proper research and analysis, finding just the right search phrases can quickly become a bit of a guessing game, particularly if you’re unfamiliar with the process or taking this step on your own.

Identifying the best keywords for optimizing your business takes the expertise and support of a proven Search Engine Optimization (SEO) team, one that can help not only locate the right search terms but can help design web pages and blog content that maximize their effectiveness.

While many small businesses try for keywords that are nearly impossible to rank for, Zoek Marketing performs extensive keyword research and analysis to identify search terms that provide the best opportunity for success. Zoek digs deep to select obtainable keyword goals that increase business visibility and deliver results to your bottom line.

2. Make Your Location Clear

When a local audience searches for the services you offer, your business is more likely to show up in top results when your location is clear across your website. According to Zoek Marketing, it’s crucial to ensure your location (city and state) is clearly listed on your site, even if your business is primarily done online.

Optimizing your brand for location is also essential for maximizing your reach across voice search devices. In fact, 58% of consumers use voice searches to find local businesses just like yours, making it important to include voice search optimization in your overall website SEO strategy.

3. Be Sure Your Site Is Mobile Friendly

More than ever,  consumers rely on their phones to access the internet. If your website is outdated or hard to navigate on mobile, customers are likely to turn to other brands to meet their needs. That said, it can often be a challenge to optimize for mobile, particularly without the right level of expertise or experience.

With the help of an experienced website design team like Zoek Marketing, you can build a mobile-friendly site that not only offers a great user experience but consistently points customers closer to the point of sale, boosting engagement and profitability in the process.

4. Reviews Matter

Google tends to favor businesses with a strong online review presence, meaning the more reviews you pull in, the more visibility you’re likely to have in local search.

According to review specialists and Zoek Marketing brand partner Trustpilot, customers are much likelier to seek out and trust reviews from other consumers than take your word for it, utilizing that “social proof” to determine not only if your brand is trustworthy, but if it’s safe to take that all-important next step:

“Having social proof is the most important element you can be focusing on,” says Trustpilot review expert Meghan MacCune. “You can put your own messaging and your mission out there, but why are they going to trust you as a company versus a peer or a consumer who’s actually had that experience.”

Optimizing your online review presence is often as easy as asking happy customers to review their experience immediately after the sale. In fact, one of the best ways to pull in more good reviews and grow your review presence is to offer that gentle nudge at the point of purchase.

“Consumers don’t typically go out of their way to leave positive feedback,” says MacCune, “so you have to take that extra step by inviting them to do that.”

It also often helps to respond to customer reviews, even if that’s just to thank customers for reviewing their experience.

Note: In the case of a negative review, it’s important to respond as diplomatically and apologetically as possible. It may also help to offer a solution or ask how you may improve and avoid such issues in the future.

5. Don’t Keyword Stuff

As Zoek Marketing knows, keywords matter. Still, it’s crucial to use keywords wisely and to avoid the keyword stuffing and spammy content strategies that can earn Google’s wrath in a hurry.

To earn and maintain a first-page Google ranking, be sure to incorporate keywords in a measured and natural way. Create organic content, and make use of meta titles and meta descriptions that include your keywords.

Ready to Boost Your Brand in Search?

It can take time to get your business to the front page of Google, but the business boost is well worth it. Be sure to reach out to a professional SEO or web marketing company to get the help that you need to boost your page to the top.

Looking to bump your business to the top of local search? Contact the award-winning SEO experts at Zoek Marketing today.

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Gerard Heperd

Gerard Heperd