LinkedIn page analytics for your business

To access the LinkedIn analytics dashboard, start by logging in and opening your company page. Here’s what you can track and measure in each area of LinkedIn analytics:

Updates: You’ll be able to track impressions, reactions, comments, shares, and other interactions for both paid and organic posts. Unique impressions count the number of times individual members viewed your updates.

Visitors: Track how many people visit your Page and learn about their demographics, such as job title, location, seniority, and industry.

Followers: Discover the same type of demographic data, but in this case for followers instead of visitors. Where visitors measure interest in your business, followers measure the number of people who would like to be connected. Use the follower analytics tab chart to track growth patterns.

Engagement Rate: LinkedIn calculates the Update Engagement Rate by adding the number of engagements, clicks, and new followers acquired, divided by the number of impressions the post receives. There are many ways to calculate engagement rates. Before comparing this statistic with another, make sure that it has been calculated on the same parameters and conditions.

Clicks – A click tells you that your call to action worked. On LinkedIn, clicks are counted when a member clicks on your post, company name, or logo. It does not include actions such as reactions or comments. Use click-through rate to measure the number of clicks you got compared to impressions in end-of-month analytics.

Custom Button Clicks: Each LinkedIn Company profile can include one of the following action buttons such as: visit website, contact, learn more, sign up, and register. See how many clicks you’ve gotten on your button, over the past 30 days, from your visitor analytics dashboard.

Activity Dashboard to measure the following interactions with your Page:

Reactions: About your posts or publications on the platform. The number of comments, shares, and reactions your post receives. Reaction buttons include like, celebrate, love, insightful, and curious.

Shared: The times in which users have shared your post or update with other users.

Comments: On your LinkedIn Company posts.

Mentions: Times your LinkedIn Page account has been mentioned by other users.

LinkedIn Post Analytics:

The LinkedIn platform offers a complete view of post analytics from the Updates panel. Although you will also have the option to deepen the analysis of a specific publication just by clicking on Show statistics (bottom right corner).

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Gerard Heperd

Gerard Heperd