Instagram 2023 features

Other Instagram 2023 features: The acclaimed chronological feed, protection of minors and more

Instagram “Take a break”:

Let’s be honest, many times we don’t calculate the exact amount of time we spend on a social network. We are sure that it has ever happened to you to say “just 5 more minutes” and then those five minutes turn into an hour completely caught up watching videos or photos of your favorite things. This is why Instagram will create a new function that will send a notification, if desired, to suggest to the account that they take a break from the App after spending too much time scrolling between stories or posts of the people we follow; You can configure this option so that this notification appears every certain amount of time so that you get away from the screen for a few minutes and can focus on other activities.

Minors may not be tagged:

If there’s one thing Instagram has been focusing on lately, it’s creating a platform that people of various ages can safely use, especially those who haven’t come of age yet. For this reason, in the future the option of tagging minors in publications or even uploading their content to a post will be impossible, they will receive more regular notifications so that they reduce the use of the application if it is too long, the content that can be limited will be limited. be sensitive for children or adolescents and, although it is something that was already implemented previously, the warnings of sensitive content in a photo or video or even in stories will be maximized so as not to generate any kind of disgust for the viewer.

Return of the chronological feed:

For those who have been using this application for a longer time, you may remember that in 2016, Instagram removed the option to create a chronological order in the feed, replacing it with an algorithm where the application itself selects certain posts (those that have had a greater reach or impact among the public) so that they are present when entering an account. With the return of the chronological feed, you will be able to choose between having a personalized feed so that your most recognized posts are always seen first or if you will follow the traditional linear pattern with the posts in order of the way they were published. Another great novelty related to this will be the possibility of choosing publications as “favorites” and that these are the ones that head your account, regardless of the algorithm or chronological order.


The great influence that TikTok has had on the social media market, and its innovative way of capturing people, creating a huge community and, above all, monetizing content, have made the already established Instagram have to change its paradigm this 2022 to Don’t fall behind the trends. Short videos, online purchases due to the pandemic, and influencer programs are all the rage and will set the development of Instagram on fire this 2022. Keep this in mind when formulating your marketing strategy!

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Gerard Heperd

Gerard Heperd