Increase the sales of your online store

Because having a website does not guarantee sales, we have dedicated this new article on the Xavier Sánchez Blog attacking a problem that may arise when starting out: INCREASING THE SALES OF YOUR ONLINE STORE.

If you have an Online Store and you do not receive too many visits or all the sales that you would like, you may find these tips useful to improve your e-commerce. It is not enough to set up the business with all the love in the world and have products at a better price than the competition. An Online Marketing strategy and some tricks that we will be talking about below are also necessary. Go ahead and activate your online store!

Rate the user experience

This should be one of the first things to check if your website isn’t getting the number of conversions you want. Today, users no longer have the patience of a few years ago, and there is a need to have everything at the moment. If your web page takes a long time to load, your visitors are likely to switch sites.

According to studies by the KissMetrics web analytics platform, 47% of Internet users need web pages to load in a maximum time of 2 seconds. What’s more, if our website takes more than 3 seconds, 40% of users will abandon the page… That’s how demanding Internet users are at the moment.

This “bad user experience” and the abandonment of your website obviously translates into a decrease in the conversion of customers who will buy your product / service.

What do we recommend at Xavier Sánchez to solve this problem? We currently use different tools to measure the speed of our website, but the preference for professionals and beginners: GOOGLE PAGESPEED INSIGHTS

This platform is easy to read and you will be able to find the errors that do not help your website. Remember to perform a measurement on this site periodically.

And don’t forget to check if the site is responsive. A very high percentage of the visits you receive on your website are made from mobile devices. Did you know? Then you must have a website that adapts to all the ways in which it can be viewed, such as mobile, tablet or computer.

Verify that it is a Secure Site

If attacks and fraud are on the rise, the consumer is more afraid of entering sensitive data such as their bank card. You need to make sure that your website is really safe for everyone, both for consumers and for you.

Another important procedure is to use an SSL Certificate, which activates the HTTPS protocol and shows a padlock in the browser bar.

The root certificate must be present on the end user’s computer in order for it to gain their trust. Otherwise, the browser will show the end user an error message warning that the connection is not reliable. In the case of e-commerce transactions, these error messages raise immediate doubts about the website and companies risk losing trust in them and stop receiving orders from most of their customers. You must take care of this aspect, since it may not help you INCREASE THE SALES OF YOUR ONLINE STORE.

This certificate guarantees the security of transactions and shows the user that they are in a protected environment. This measure, however, may require a little more time and investment. Have you ever entered a website and received a notification that it is an “unsafe” site? If the answer is yes, have you bought? And the answer is probably NO.

Another important aspect: SEO

Surely you know that if your page does not occupy the first positions in the search engine, it will not have enough traffic for your business to work.

Almost any project that includes SEO begins with a Keyword Research, that is, the search for the keywords that we want to work on. From there, the content strategy is designed, that is, define which landing pages or sections will work with these keywords.

Almost any keyword research job is essentially based on finding, prioritizing, and working on keywords. But how to find and work your keywords?

In an online business, keywords are very important since they are used in texts, pages, images and product descriptions. Study what are the ones in your niche and the level of competition there is. For this you can use the Google Analytics or Google Trends keyword planner.

Another advice regarding good SEO practices: Optimize the urls. Make them SEO friendly, avoid non-relevant words (articles, prepositions, etc), include the keyword in it only once.

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Gerard Heperd

Gerard Heperd