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When thinking of brands or companies recognized throughout the world, we often ask ourselves, how did they get there? What ensured or helped their success? and more importantly, how can I have the same success and prestige? Well, from now on we tell you that it is not easy, much less something that we can achieve overnight; It takes time and these large companies that make a difference today had to methodically study users and customers in order to gain their trust and retain them. But do not worry! Below we will show you some tools and strategies so that little by little, and with patience, even if it costs, your business can achieve the fruits that you want to achieve:

SEO: Let’s talk about this tool that in recent years has become more and more popular in the world of digital Marketing; Search Engine Optimization refers to the series of activities carried out organically within a web page in order to position itself with a better reach in the lists of different search engines. SEO puts artificial intelligence first to organize and analyze the quality of your website and where it would perform well. This final analysis is given thanks to the number of links copied, keywords or primary words, eye-catching titles, reliable or data-based sources, format and design used, etc.

Blogging: The term comes from Blog (as you surely noticed) and refers to the action of creating a website that gives us the possibility of using it to elaborate on a subject that, in addition to attracting us personally, may also be of interest to others; The key in blogs is to keep it in the modern form and time, not miss the details that are related to your content and add them weekly or monthly so that your website ranks higher and higher in the search engines. It is also important that the content you offer is relevant to a certain extent and of good quality, the more visually attractive it is, the more people will be interested.

SEM: Search Engine Marketing encompasses all the techniques that can be used to position your company in a better position in the most recurring search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc.) organically, such as SEO, or inorganically by placing paid ads. in these search engines or even in other Blogs or networks that are related to the type of content you offer.

Video marketing: Another successful and relatively current strategy is to generate content through explanatory or demonstrative videos; but we are not referring to an advertisement like those seen on TV, but recordings that are a little longer, but not too long, and much less expensive in which you will give a visual and spoken summary of your product and its functions. Large companies already use this method, either by creating YouTube channels or uploading IGTV (which we talked about earlier in our blog and we invite you to read) to the largest and most influential social network, Instagram. Tip: Eye-catching titles, without the use of Clickbait, are the ones that get the most views at the end of the day. For example, if you are sponsoring a natural plant fertilizer you could title a video saying “The wonderful results of our new fertilizer!” or “Look at the before and after of these plants that seemed to have no return!” Let your imagination run wild.

Podcasts: This new Marketing system has been around for quite some time, but due to the global pandemic caused by COVID-19, the Podcast format took a very influential place during 2020; It is something similar to a radio channel, except that it will not be in real time and must be edited and rehearsed before being published to have a better result. The network that uses this content the most is Spotify (which has a specific section where listeners from all over the world can find recordings that speak to their interests). This type of strategy is more convenient in the event that what you are trying to offer is linked to providing information on one or several topics, if you want to sell a product it is not what we recommend you use at the beginning of your journey as an entrepreneur. Some advice before putting this into practice is to see the reaction and interaction that your followers have with this type of content, try uploading short videos or Instagram stories before launching into the world of podcasts.

E-mail marketing: It is about sending advertising or communications to our clients through E-mails, in order to demonstrate interest in keeping them as consumers and that we pay attention to what they are interested in seeing on our page; send articles that you know are on your recurring search list with some moderation, do not be intrusive or annoying and control how often you should send these E-mails (for this we recommend using Google Analytics).

Images: Humans give great importance to what we like or don’t like at first sight, in Marketing this is not in the background, much less: when we enter a blog, social network or website, we will most likely find one or more photographs that are related to which we enter in search in the foreground. If the colors do not match, the fonts change too often, even not knowing the face of the person who manages the page, it will generate some rejection or mistrust and most likely we will close the window. Another very important point is to show emotions behind these images, try to create a community that knows that what you upload is intended for consumption and enjoyment, it will generate a much closer seller/customer relationship. If your account does not have these points in favor, perhaps that is why your visits and therefore your sales do not increase. Don’t worry! On this blog, we have several posts that can help you improve your content.

Infographics: Similar to the previous point, if we do not know from the outset and in a few words what we are about to consume, it is very difficult for leads to increase and it is even possible that your reach will weaken. An infographic is a text that will give a very basic summary of what you are going to offer next so that your potential client can decide whether or not to continue reading, if it is well done and by adding other resources (such as photographs, data, sources), we assure you that with patience you will see positive results.
Online Courses: The courses are thought and designed so that your client or future client learns a hobby or skill through not so long videos and in which it is explained step by step visually, in order to generate confidence that if you you can, any other too. Time is money, if you manage to make a topic understood in a short time then people will believe that your content is more qualified and they will choose it over others, even so, a tip would be that you inform yourself and study about the body language that more security and familiarity of a third party.

Comparative studies: How many brands or businesses sell the same as you? Probably quite a few and we can’t guarantee that users think yours is the best or most convenient. Or maybe yes. Comparative studies move away from statistics, to a certain extent, and scientific studies that support the product to focus primarily on the emotional impact of consumers. We give you an example: Imagine that you are thinking of opening a Pizzeria, you know that your product is good and now all you need is a Marketing strategy that guarantees you to be chosen over other ventures in the field, you could explain the benefits that your product will give in the life of whoever consumes it or the few calories that your recipe contains, but it is very possible that people do not believe in such a thing or prefer something that makes them feel closer to emotions of comfort, this is where the comparative study comes in: you will say that your recipe passed from generation to generation, which is the same one you ate as a child and anything that can make future customers feel a sense of personal closeness to your business and therefore encourage purchase.

Web tools: In many cases, companies that are dedicated to creating or helping to use tools that can help others to complete their goals are the ones that succeed in the market. In the event that you want to dedicate your account to teach what is the correct way to use certain Marketing methods, you must first inform yourself well and concisely about different terms and from this create a platform where you can dump your knowledge, if you decide go to the development of web tools for use by third parties then you must have a programmer to help you create them and that it correctly fulfills the function for which it was intended in the first place.


Now that we have given you and explained basic, but necessary, terms about Inbound Marketing and how it can make your effort bear the fruits you deserve, the only thing left is to start putting what you read into practice. Success is not easy and it is not fast either, but if there is something that we believe in Xavier Sánchez, it is that patience and perseverance is the key to a good entrepreneur; In addition, you can always come back here, where we will do our best to make it easy for you to understand the most functional terms and strategies of the Marketing of the future.

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Until next time!

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Gerard Heperd

Gerard Heperd