You should be careful with duplicate content on the web. If you sell products with common characteristics, it will be very tempting to copy and paste the descriptions.

Online stores often have this problem, and it is one of the biggest reasons why you could be penalized by Google. Keep in mind that you cannot copy any text copied from another website, not even from the manufacturer, and not repeat the same words in several similar products.

Do you want to know more about SEO? We have prepared a special SEO article for beginners. How to position your website?

Create complete descriptions of your products:

You are much more likely to buy a product online if you have all the information about it. Consumers need the most detailed information about the product they will buy.

Now, if you complete with all the possible information in your products, you will help your Online Store to improve its positioning in Google and in the searches that are related to that product.

Write original, informative and persuasive texts. Guided with the keywords you want to highlight and stimulating the customer’s decision to get them. You will also find the possibility of adding reviews and opinions of customers who have purchased your products or services.

Within this section we also have to consider that, both in your products and on your Website, you must use quality images. Since investing in good images of the products is a way to give the buyer security and encourage him in making his decision. In addition, later you can use them to post on your Social Networks with image or video format or on your blog. We will talk about the RRSS next…

Social networks

Completely necessary! You must choose which ones are best suited to your business and start using them correctly.

From them you can show who you are and what you have to offer. You can also publish your products / services, promotions and valuable content for the community.

To achieve your Social Media goals and get more clients, you must plan the content that you will share. Think that each post you make will allow your community to know one of the products or services that you offer, surely you would like to be able to teach them all and with a record that benefits your page.

Many of the RRSS preferred by all allow the option of placing a link (link) to our website, or from our website to the RRSS.

Create a blog: Virtually all platforms to create Online Stores allow the creation of a blog.

By creating a blog with relevant content and that adds value to your future clients, you will get better positions at the SEO level, since if your articles are good, they will self-promote, which will be beneficial for the SEO of your website. The main thing would be that you try to solve problems that your clients have. Only with this will you create content that adds value.

Another interesting option is that from your blog you give recommendations on how to use your products.

The blog is the best way to have activity in your online store as far as search engine indexing is concerned. You cannot expect traffic to come to your website only through social networks or through your static pages. In addition to the valuable content that you generate with your articles, they will generate trust and connection with your surfers. And thus the humanization of your brand.

Do not lose the possibility of reaching new clients! Continue reading to learn more aspects that you must take into account to increase the sales of your online store.

Make it easy to buy

Now we have to stop to evaluate one of the most common problems in terms of losing customers on your website. One of them, as we know, is the loading time of the site and the other arises with the difficulty in finalizing a purchase.

When the user is ready to buy, they will click on the indicated button, and from there it is your job to make the purchase complete.

How do I get my visitors to buy my product? Within our list of recommendations we can mention some such as: Simplify the payment process, so that it is simple and without obstacles. If the buyer encounters difficulties or has to go to a lot of trouble to get your product, believe me, he will not.

To solve this, you must create a payment system with a few steps, which respects the standards and protections of electronic commerce but with intuitive actions.

Another tip regarding achieving sales within your Store brings us to transparency, about all the purchase data: the price of the product, additional fees, payment methods, delivery times, freight, among others. During the pandemic period, it is very possible that the delivery conditions will change, with longer terms or costs.

And finally we must assess the option of not forcing the user to register. If it is not extremely necessary, it could make it difficult to close the sale. We know that having the information of your clients is important, but for this it will be better to choose to place a pop-up to subscribe to the newsletter of your Online Store.

Get the contact of your clients

A very valuable information when it comes to knowing both your customers and your potential customers. Thanks to the Newsletter and the contact forms you will obtain information about your subscribers and you will be able to send promotions and offers with just one email.

Knowing their tastes and preferences is important to discover in detail what your customers want and motivate them to buy.

Email Marketing is a very powerful weapon that, well used, can give very good results, especially conversion. It is a perfect opportunity to offer the user quality and valuable content. A customizable plus with the aim of converting leads into potential customers.

What is a lead? The term lead is used in Inbound Marketing to refer to those contacts who have left us their data through one of our landing pages in exchange for content of interest to them. Therefore, they are contacts that voluntarily become part of our database.

These have only been some of the benefits of maintaining contact with your customers, here we share some more so that you can INCREASE THE SALES OF YOUR ONLINE STORE:

To keep in touch with customers.

To send you news and updates.

To keep the brand present in a positive way.

To gather opinions and reviews of what you sell.

To generate engagement and trust.

To develop content marketing strategies.

Do you have a subscriber list on your website? What are you waiting for to integrate it into your store?

Offer all the information of your company

Your website must have company information, company name, physical address and other conditions that will be found in the Data Policy and also in the cookies section. Complying with regulations will help you achieve your goal of INCREASING THE SALES OF YOUR ONLINE STORE.

Now, and with the particular situation of the pandemic generated by the covid-19, many physical businesses have time or capacity restrictions. If you have reduced hours or a particular situation, you can announce them through your online store and on Social Networks.

We believe the following information will be relevant:

Changes in hours of service.

Changes in delivery times.

Lack of stock availability.

Product hygiene measures.

Donations and social impact actions of the company.

If you have a website that offers physical / virtual products, you must consider and determine the conditions of purchase, sale or return of your items.

As for the sale through your site, you must also have a customer service to match.

Although it is a determination of the vast majority of laws, you should not provide good consumer service just because it is in the law.

Especially in this day and age, the e-commerce service is essential to transmit security. As we have seen, many customers are making their first purchases online or are afraid of wasting their money and do not want to be victims of fraud.

You must be available to answer questions and solve problems. It is also evident that people are more emotionally sensitive to the pandemic, so it is necessary to adopt a friendly tone and be efficient in assistance.

Place strategic products on the home page

The home page of your website or online store has GREAT SELLING POWER. If you have a physical store, you could compare the main page of your website with the storefront of your business.

Here you must present the main products and that you want to sell. What product should you highlight in your startup? That’s hard to reveal without knowing your e-commerce statistics.

Take a look at the categories that are most in demand from your preferred analytics tool and start working from there to motivate new customers to buy your products.

One strategy to drive sales is to offer discounts and promotions of your flagship products. Of course, you should not communicate them recklessly, but think about strategies to maximize the benefits of using these Marketing tactics.

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Gerard Heperd

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