How to use TikTok for your business

Welcome back dear readers, this time we bring you an article to successfully manage a TikTok for companies. The platform, which in recent times has taken center stage on the internet, could make your digital marketing strategy drive your business to the success you want. Without further ado, let’s get started!

What is TikTok, where did it come from and what makes it special?

It is an application, available on iOS and Android mobiles, that gives us different tools to create, edit and share clips of up to 3 minutes thanks to its new update. It was developed and presented to the public by the Chinese company ByteDance in just 200 days! This company had bought the application for 1 billion dollars, in September 2016.

It gives us the possibility to add music, special effects, filters, video movements or even all of the above, to your clips. You don’t need to know anything about editing to generate content! It also allows you to add friends, share messages and videos with them, create multi-person duets, and, unsurprisingly, a follower system.

The growth of TikTok in recent years.

In its first month of operation it had around 66 million active users, by 2018 this figure multiplied and during the beginning of last year it managed to be at the top of downloads with more than 300 million new users. These numbers surpassed applications with a much older journey such as Instagram or Facebook. Thanks to a report on social media trends, conducted by Hootsuite, it boasts up to 800 million monthly active users and counting. You can get an idea of the scope that TikTok carries with it…

The success of this application can have many explanations: its simple interface, availability in different languages, the dynamism of its content, or even the fact that it has a source of income on the platform itself. In the year 2019 it reached an income of approximately 88 million dollars, while only in February 2020 the profits were more than 50 million dollars, which registers an increase of more than 750% each year.

Reports by Sensor Tower, a leading provider of information and knowledge of the application market, say that the great growth that it had throughout 2020 and that continues to this day is thanks to the Covid-19 pandemic. People are more connected to their cell phones and Tiktok grabs their attention in a matter of seconds.
How to use TikTok?

When you open the app you will see that at the bottom there are different sections:

Home: view all kinds of videos, both from the accounts you follow, and from those that generate content similar to yours or that might be to your liking.

Magnifying glass: to do searches by hand, either for accounts you want to follow or for hashtags that interest you, or to see the results of the most recent trends (sounds, songs, effects, etc.) whose use increases the chances that people will stick to your account.

Camera: you access it by clicking on the button in the middle of the section. Videos are only recorded when you hold down the red button in the bottom center, so you can shoot multiple shots that will eventually be stitched together into one video.

Before starting, it gives you the possibility to choose the length of the video (15 seconds, 60 seconds or 3 minutes), add filters, special effects or even a timer. You will be able to edit the complete final video or by selecting the different shots and incorporating effects in each of them, and before publishing it, it will give you the option of adding a brief description or hashtags that are related to what you showed on TikTok. Do not forget that the latter are a great way for your content to go viral and therefore attract more potential customers.

Inbox: Shows all your notifications, including people who started following you, likes on your videos, comments, and in the upper right corner there will be a little paper plane that will tell you who sent you a private message.

Profile: Edit your biography (you can add links that direct those interested to another of your networks or to your blog), your personal information and your photo. It is important that your profile is striking and precise, since it is the first thing that people will see when looking for you. If it is disordered, the chances that the visits to it will grow will be less.

Luckily for you, we can help you with that too and give you some tips on how to optimally manage your account.

Users can create their own custom FyP or “For you page”, which would be the “home” of every TikToker by comparison. Depending on what type of accounts you follow, which videos catch you till the end, which ones you share, save and like, the app will create a personal algorithm for you and only show content similar to what you want to watch. For example, if what you usually look for are videos that are related to cooking, then the application will place several clips of that style in your F&P, whether it be of people cooking, trying different techniques, visiting restaurants, etc.

It also allows us to use hashtags, so that your videos have a better chance of going viral and with them, your product. They have even created something called “Hashtag challenge plus” that allowed different public figures to sponsor either their products or other well-known celebrities and give users the opportunity to investigate them without having to leave the app or even their F&P. .

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Gerard Heperd

Gerard Heperd