How to optimize the structure and content of a landing page with heatmaps

The most common use of heat maps is to increase the conversion rates of business landing pages, or even emails.

To identify the causes of a low conversion rate on a landing page, we may use click and motion heat maps, combined with quantitative analytics tools such as Google Analytics, to perform comprehensive analysis and draw insights to change the structure of our website. site and improve its performance.

The most common factors why a user does not make a conversion on a website or application can be:

Lack of clarity in the process of moving through the site and making a conversion.
Some field in a contact form that users do not want or do not know how to complete.
Too much diversification in the options, which confuses the user on which one to choose.
Lack of interest in the products or services since they are not what you expected in your search
Lack of clarity when explaining services or products offered to you
Unclear active elements, or very striking passive elements that frustrate the user when he clicks on them and does not get results
Long texts that are difficult to read, or lack of white spaces that end up tiring the user’s eyes and discouraging them from continuing to browse.

Disadvantages of using heatmaps on my sites or applications
The overall speed will be affected a bit

By installing a plugin in WordPress, or a script on any site, its optimization will be negatively affected. It won’t represent a big speed problem, but any additional tool that we install on our websites will slow down its operation a bit.
You must change the cookie policy of your website

As with Google Analytics, you have to warn your users what cookies you use on your site, otherwise you could be fined.

Heatmaps are usually paid software

Most vendors of this type of software charge for their product, and those that do not limit many of its features in the free version. In any case, almost all of them offer a free trial so that we can choose which one convinces us before paying for it.

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Gerard Heperd

Gerard Heperd