How to improve creative writing?

Copywriting is a combination of communication skills and psychology. Despite not needing full knowledge of both branches, it is necessary to consider fundamental concepts that can only be acquired by reading and researching.

However, the true cornerstone of good copywriting is practice, putting all that knowledge into a goal and having a channel to spread the message to analyze its results.

In order to improve persuasive writing, we can use free media that allow us to approach the world of writing, creating blogs, websites or for social networks (not to mention stories, poems, novels, etc.)

Although it will not be the same to write the copywrite of an advertisement or offering a product, it will help you to practice the cohesion and coherence of your texts, or analyze which of your newsrooms generate the most interest from the public.

Basic concepts of copywriting: build persuasive and seductive texts

Communication and human psychology.

All people have a rational and an irrational plane of thought, where the logical and the emotional process differently. In our daily lives, we constantly move between these planes, something that a good copywriter knows how to take advantage of.

Neurosales are sales that are made based on the things the brain wants, and studies reveal that 85% of purchase motives are unconscious, so appealing to the irrational or emotional side of customers is the most effective way. to make sales.

The human being has a brain divided into 3 parts:

Brain Cortex: In the rational purchase decision would be processed.

Limbic Brain: Here the emotional purchase decision is processed.

Reptile Brain: The most primitive, in which instinctive purchase decisions are processed (purchase for survival).

Therefore, 85% of purchasing decisions are made between the limbic and reptilian brains, which represent the unconscious and subconscious.

There are a series of deep and subconscious motivations that lead the human being to do something, called ‘reptilian codes’.

reptilian codes

Transcendence/Continuity of the gene
Family/Inheritance/Resguardo/Union of the tribe
Challenge/Achievements/Individual Recognition
Belonging/Social Acceptance

If we manage to find the reptile code of each of our products and services, to satisfy them, we will be able to sell them with great efficiency. If you want to know more about neurosales, do not hesitate to investigate J├╝rgen Klaric, and his book ‘Sell to the mind, not to people’

Direct and personal writing

The media have changed a lot in recent years and mass messaging is no longer as effective as it was in earlier times. Today, the more personalized the message we send to our consumers can be, the more effective it will be.

Avoid using the treatment of us and replace it with the familiar or voseo, we have many tools to know our audience, from their names to their tastes and preferences.

Using labels in email campaigns, for example, that place the name of each recipient in the title is a very common way to make the customer feel close to the brand.

Use the power of emotions

If we want to be more persuasive in our writing, we must remember that 85% of purchasing decisions are made unconsciously or subconsciously.

Appealing to the primary emotions of the human being will make our texts catch the readers much more.

Make visible the material and social needs of people, evoke their fears, nostalgia, controversy, the desire to be, sadness, among other emotions.

This way you will get the consumer to identify with you and to consider you as a solution to what you have to offer.

The fine line between a story and a lie

The persuasive writing aims to convince the client to carry out some specific action, for commercial purposes. Part of copywriting is to ‘adorn’ texts to attract the attention of our consumers, but if that ends up telling a lie, you can be very harmed.

Offering products that we are not capable of delivering, extraordinary services that later leave a lot to be desired, deceiving your public with false statistics, you may be able to increase your sales… But then you will face a legion of disappointed (and angry) customers who will demand their money or Worse, IT WILL DEFAME YOUR IMAGE. And consider yourself lucky if you don’t have LEGAL ISSUES afterwards.


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Gerard Heperd

Gerard Heperd