How to create an effective CTA?

If we manage to make the CTA buttons irresistible, our conversions will improve significantly.

From Xavier Sánchez we will offer you some tips to improve the performance of our CTAs.

Color: To get the best impact on your CTAs, it is very important to use striking colors that incite action, and different from the rest of the colors on the web. Also make sure the color doesn’t clash with the rest of your site.
Messages: The message you give to the user is also important. It should not be very long, and it should be very clear, where the user understands what the objective is and what will happen once they click. Avoid “Sign up” or “Checkout” copy and opt for something more direct like “Join” or “I want it!”.
The Action: Do not make the mistake of saturating your user with too much “important” information. Creating too many CTAs on your landing page can lead to confusion. In any case, if necessary, you can include between two or three and highlight or highlight the most important one.
The Position: The position of the CTA must be natural, it must never feel forced, nor be placed in unusual places, or difficult to see.
Size: A call to action should stand out from the rest of the elements on your landing page, but don’t go overboard with the size either. It has to be consistent with the rest of the elements you use on your website and not damage the design or interfere with the proper functioning of your website.
Add elements to the button: We can add elements that help improve the performance of the call to action, which can increase clicks by up to 25%. They are also called click triggers if you want to search for more information.
Are you ready to start creating CTAs in your Digital Marketing Strategy?

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In this article we talk about the Call to Action or Call to Action. Their different formats, uses and content to make them a success.

We explain the importance of the CTA, what is possible to obtain from its use in terms of results, and the aspects that must be considered in the process of its construction.

Now that you have enough information to enrich your digital marketing strategy, don’t stop thinking about your target audience and plan actions based on their real needs and interests.

The more direct the CTA is, the more appropriate it will be to converse with your people and obtain the expected results.

Do not forget to monitor them, because everything that is measured can be improved with time and dedication. And practice, change strategies when convenient.

We are waiting for you in our next Online Marketing and Social Network Management Blog!

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Gerard Heperd

Gerard Heperd