How to create a Facebook Marketplace account?

To sell products or services on the Marketplace you will need to have a personal profile on the platform. Don’t you have a personal profile? You can create one from the Facebook website, for free. When you log in, you must look for the Marketplace option on the left menu

Once inside, you will find the button “+ Create new publication”
From there, select the type of publication you want to make: Item for sale (to sell one or several), Job offers, Vehicle for sale, Homes for rent or sale.

In this example we can see how to upload a product for sale within the “Item for sale” option. It is very important that you complete with all possible information that may be of interest to buyers.

Starting by uploading the photos of the product/service. Verify that they are quality photos and with good light.

Complete the title, price category and status of the product. Put the exact price you ask for, remember that later the customers will finish the operation from Facebook.

Then you can enter the Description, Product Brand and Color. Remember that the more information the better since the client will have more data.

TO PUBLISH!. Now you will see from “Your account” the publications made from your Marketplace profile, from there you will be able to manage all the changes, modifications and mark the product/service as sold.

Facebook Marketplace Restrictions

Facebook Marketplace is a very flexible tool in terms of items for sale, it has also stipulated a series of rules that sellers must follow regarding the prohibition and restriction of items to be traded. For example, there are products that can promote a bad image to the company or expose a negative message.

Some of these Facebook Marketplace restrictions: Selling live animals, livestock, pets, or products made from the fur or hair of domestic, endangered, or threatened animals is not allowed. In this category, only items such as transport cages, toys, collars, beds, clothing or certified food are allowed to be traded.

Another of the articles to avoid are those that promote the transmission of digital content that is not authorized; as well as those that are an obstruction to the regular operation of electronic devices. Among the products that should not be offered are the sale of devices that can facilitate access to obtain private information, devices that allow telephone calls to be listened to or those that can decipher codes such as account numbers.

Although it has more restrictions, you can already imagine which way things come from… Avoid posting products for sale in these categories and you won’t have any problems.

How to create a Facebook Marketplace account?

THAT’S RIGHT, from the Marketplace platform you can sell your products for free.

It is a tool from which the user searches for a product or service that he needs, from there he sees the different options of similar items that are also for sale and chooses the one that best suits him.

Users will be able to contact the seller, ask questions, make arrangements for the payment method and agree on the delivery of the product.

Ways to use Facebook Marketplace for your business

We must not forget that, beyond being a tool to sell, Facebook is a social platform. So it’s important to create a personal connection with customers. And in this way you will attract new clients and create quality relationships. Keep these strategies in mind to get the most out of it!
Increase brand awareness, and thus the ability to be discovered

Brand awareness is one of the fastest and easiest ways to increase your sales. Fortunately, as a social platform, it’s easy for Facebook users to discover brands in the Marketplace. The good thing is that the people who see your products are already looking to buy, so all you have to do is increase the visibility of your products. If you place your products in categories that appeal to your target audience, they are more likely to find your products in their related search.

You can also promote (with paid advertising) your products/services. The ads you create will also appear in the Facebook Marketplace.

Just make sure you pick one of the following well-targeted goals:

Brand awareness.



Video views.

Generation of sales opportunities / prospects.



Sales catalog.

store traffic.


Build trust with your audience

As we have discussed above, online shopping is based on trust. And luckily, the Facebook Marketplace tool has some features that allow you to build trust in your profile.

All transactions are initiated from the Facebook Messenger chat, in this way you begin to have contact with your buyers / sellers.

The page of your store (seller) allows you to enter information about your business, answer doubts and questions from your customers.

Your rating (Number of stars) is key to selling on Marketplace. Remember that on this platform you are not an anonymous seller. Your rating is public and will have an effect on the number of sales you will be able to get.

Control the best-selling products

Learn which are the most popular products to integrate them as soon as possible in your sales profile. How can you find out what are the best-selling products on Facebook Marketplace? Check the “Top Picks” section.

Use this information to create ads about the items that are most searched for on the platform. You can also do this analysis on the products that the competition sells and do your own analysis.

Take advantage of Facebook Marketplace personalization

In addition to promoting your products, you can use ads to reach users who have ever purchased from your store or those who follow your Facebook page.

You can achieve this by creating ads for similar audiences, or segment your campaigns by user interests.

Another way to connect with your users interested in a product/service of your business is with the use of chatbots (chatbots). These are computer programs with which it is possible to have a conversation and allow you to automatically follow up whoever contacts you through Messenger, before or after a purchase.

Facebook Marketplace to test new products

You can test the interest and acceptance of the product in your store for FREE from the Facebook Marketplace tool. Because Facebook does the targeting for you, you can test whether a product or service appeals to your primary audience.

Also, you can experiment with the price and see how your customers react to discounts or price increases.
Alternatives to sell on Facebook

Business pages, a good alternative to sell on Facebook without using Marketplace (or yes).

Facebook Pages have three qualities that you won’t be able to find on the Marketplace:

You can create a brand identity. By that, you can customize the look and feel of your page to reflect the personality and voice of your business.

The page is yours. Only your products and publications can be seen in this space. Unlike Facebook Marketplace, your profile doesn’t have to share the screen with your competitor’s products or posts.

Increase the traffic of your web properties. Within your profile you will find more than one call to action that can be used to drive traffic to your website.


We have been able to solve the doubts of WHAT IS FACEBOOK MARKETPLACE AND HOW TO SELL? and now you know how to increase the sales of your business or how to sell your particular products that you no longer use.

If you want to achieve good results for your online goals, you must dedicate time to management and marketing planning to achieve optimal results.

Remember, if you need help with the management of your Social Networks make your FREE APPOINTMENT and we will advise you on the best methods we have to improve your results online.

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