How to attract customers with free traffic

It refers to all those ways to get clients or future clients without the need to spend money on them. One of the most common and effective ways is through social networks, the key to their business is the consistency between posting and posting and the way we interact with others. Studies have verified that more than 50% of people around the world have some social network and 79% of these people confirm and believe that Instagram is one of the best applications to offer a product and that the algorithm makes it reach them. Through different means, we are going to show you some free ways to promote yourself on this influential social network:


The key in choosing the most convenient hashtag for your account is to look for those that are most relevant or that are used the most in posts with a large number of likes and comments and are to a certain extent related to your type of content, you can also choose low hashtags appearance and thus ensure that what is published is more likely to bear fruit.

Stories: In recent years, it has become one of the easiest and, above all, fastest ways to make your account more successful: whether it is to show your products, to explain a topic or interact with your followers and create a trust link or even to notify when we post an image and thus people have more interest in seeing what is on your profile. Attention! each story has a period of 24 hours and then it will be possible to see them if we want to highlight it, for this reason recurrence is important when using this medium.


A used and effective method is the mention of a famous figure or brand in your post, so that other people looking for that tag have the chance to see you and, who knows, become a regular on your page and business.

IGTV and reels:

These two tools are quite new but very effective. What are they about? IGTV allows us to record videos of up to an hour to be able to elaborate on what we want, obviously within the rules of the social network, and use all the above tools to promote it (hashtags, posts, stories, mentions, etc.), Reels is similar to recording a story but it is not the same because, like IGTV, we can promote it in different ways and it would also remain on our profile forever and people would have the chance to see it whenever they like and need it, gaining visits and becoming more likely to cross the path of new users.

We can also dedicate ourselves to giving basic and free courses for a specific time and then charging a monthly fee for a more advanced workshop, giving interviews for traditional or online media without expecting compensation in return or making “alliances” with other entrepreneurs to mutually gain new audiences. .

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Gerard Heperd

Gerard Heperd