How the Instagram algorithm works

Do you manage the Social Networks of your business but it is difficult for you to get more views? Do not know if you should use other tools to improve your post? In this new article on the Xavier Sánchez Blog we will share all the details that #Instagram has revealed to increase your views and reach.

Just a few days ago a new statement came out from the Instagram platform to clear up some doubts that we content creators had, and to demolish some myths about the app.

It is the editors themselves who indicate that this is only the first part of what will be highly valuable content, so that we learn to use the app correctly. Either to manage a personal or creator account as a business account on Instagram.

Surely you have asked yourself: “How does Instagram decide what I see first?”; “Why do some of my posts have more views than others?”; “How can I appear in the ‘Explore’ section?” We clear these doubts and many more with the information that the IG team is providing us.

First, what is a Social Network algorithm?

Basically, the Instagram algorithm is the set of programming rules that will cause a post to be shown a lot or instead the platform will show it to almost no user.

It also determines the decisions of: to whom and when these posts will be shown. To see it more clearly, if the RRSS were the cover of a newspaper, the algorithm would be what would decide what the cover topic would take, what would go in each column, the article that would only have a brief or what would be left out.

And that is why we have to know the algorithms very closely. And even know what to do to get them on our side and get better results in the publications you make.

At first, the algorithms seem simple. Giving more visibility to those publications that have the best response, especially when there is high engagement. And since there are those who trick algorithms, they constantly evolve to offer better content and also penalize those who cheat.

Over the years, this algorithm has evolved and its latest update in 2021 brings important news that, as a company, you should know about. Knowing its operation and its characteristics, you will be able to work on strategies that help you increase the reach and notoriety of your posts or your stories.
Debunk the myth of “The Algorithm”

Yes, we know. The title of the blog mentioned “the algorithms”, so how do we demolish the myth of “THE” algorithm? And it is that it has been the IG team who wants to tear down one of the misconceptions that we have believed all this time.

“Instagram doesn’t have an algorithm that monitors what people see or don’t see on the app. Rather, we use a series of algorithms, classifiers, and processes to achieve a certain end.” It is one of the most interesting phrases in the statement made by those responsible for communication on IG.

When Instagram started, back in 2010, it was a single space, where people uploaded their posts and they were shown in chronological order. But as we’ve all started to use this platform a lot more, it was no longer possible for many to get to see the content, let alone see the content that is of interest.

In fact, in 2016 it is estimated that users lost approximately 70% of the content of the feed and their close contacts. And that’s why the feed sorts posts based on what you’re most interested in seeing.

So, we can consider that each part of the app (be it the feed, the explore section or the video formats like Reels or IGTV) uses its own algorithm adapted to the type of publication that they see the most.

For example, whenever we want to see posts from well-known people we will go to the stories, but to find new and interesting content we will go to Explore (or the lupita, depending on what you call it). And that is why we will analyze each one separately.

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Gerard Heperd

Gerard Heperd