How often should I post content on my social platforms?

Almost all social platforms have an algorithm that benefits or harms depending on whether you publish more or less content. From Xavier Sánchez we recommend that you investigate the changes of each one and read our blog article on Social network management for companies. In it we explain the ideal number of publications, current for the RRSS. And you will be able to know many more tips on what to do and what not to do on Social Networks. Continue reading to learn about Social Media Trends. Manage as Community Manager.

Should I use my Social Media Pages for customer service?

Clearly yes, and it is that as users we like to have a support service for any query or eventuality with our products. Quick responses and solutions will make your brand recommended by having satisfied customers.

What does it mean to create a community in RRSS?

If your followers are there, believe us that it is for a reason… You offer quality content and relevant information for them. So you must show off, place quality content and value for your community, they want to talk and be heard.

Another type of content to create your community is by offering discounts to your customers, or exclusive news about your brand. Find the best way to reward your customers for trust.

What topics should I talk about in my posts on Social Networks?

Remember that in your social networks you will meet different audiences, therefore you do not need to fill them with publications about your business, you can also alternate publishing content of interest in general, such as current affairs, news, events that have to do with the line of your business . In this way you can capture the attention of other users, and bring them closer to your brand.

Be close to your audience and learn the Social Network Trends. Manage as Community Manager.

What are Hashtags and why should I use them in my RRSS?

The label or hashtag can be made up of a keyword or a series of words.

These labels are characterized by being preceded by the hash symbol (#).

Hashtags are used to classify content published on social networks.

This allows for greater interaction between the content and other users interested in the topic. We could say that Hashtags are communication tools. They are used to classify or identify content on social networks.

By using them, you will be teaching the platform that the posts are about certain topics, and in this way they can be seen by the entire community interested in those topics.

How to direct my community to my website?

It is proven, if you ask, the user will interact with your publication. You must find the best calls to action to sell your product or service. Be creative, you must ask for it in an original way.

You have to create content that always maintains a unique style, that is characteristic of your content: a voice that your users have to recognize in each post, in each video, in each promotion.

And to achieve better integration and loyalty of your customers, you can ask them to activate notifications to view when you publish content. Increase the reach of your publications and you will reach more people.

As you will see, each of the Social Networks is managed in a particular way, so it is important that if you want to manage them you have to dedicate time and investment to be up to date with all the news and changes in algorithms that can modify the visibility of your business.

Now that you know the tips to manage your RRSS and the Trends in Social Networks. Manage your RRSS as a Community Manager by learning the tips that we share with you on faltronsoft Instagram & faltronsoft Facebook account.

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