How can you humanize the brand?

You can give a personal touch to everything you do with:

Include personalized messages in shipments: Today we can expect a lot from “big companies” but it will not be a personalized note. If you are just starting out in your business, this will allow you to get much closer to your customers. You can also include calls to action such as “Share on your Social Networks and tag us”.

Introduce the employees: Teaching the team that is part of your brand will attract the attention of users and increase the level of your sales. Remember to ask everyone’s permission before posting their photos!

Connect with your customers by email

Another of the STRATEGIES TO CAPTUR AND RETAIN CUSTOMERS, email chains or E-mail Marketing.

For this it is advisable to compile a database with the emails of your buyers and visitors.

You can do this from your website with strategies such as: offer downloadable templates, offer free material or informative content.

Focus on Inbound Marketing: In Inbound Marketing the main idea is to get your customers to come to you to nurture a relationship between the two.

One of the most used strategies for this is to create valuable content, which solves the real problems of your potential customers. As?

Through videos, reports, blog articles and other content relevant to your visitors. Once users leave their contact details, they become Leads. To learn more about Inbound Marketing, come and read us on Xavier Sánchez’s LinkedIn page.

Reward your subscribers: You can also create strategies to retain your most loyal customers. The idea is to reward them with discounts, promotions or privileges to encourage them to buy.

Although this is a veteran and classic solution, it continues to be highly effective. You can implement the typical points program with prizes for customers who reach a certain level of consumption of our products, or opt for more innovative strategies.

For example: naming VIP clients, giving special gifts to the clients who recommend us the most or surprising them with a totally unexpected gift or benefit.

Put together a re-marketing strategy: What is re-marketing? It is a commercial strategy that consists of showing ads to the user for which they have previously shown interest, focusing on the content.

Companies must be aware that selling to a new customer costs six times more than to an existing one, so their strategic approach must necessarily include a loyalty plan.

It is the well-known Pareto Law, 20% of customers generate 80% of purchases. Focus on your ideal customers and strategize to get them to your brand.


How to get more clients for my business?

Before starting to invest in advertising or making publications without a type of client to address, continue reading THE BEST STRATEGIES TO ATTRACT AND RETAIN CLIENTS IN 2021.

Address your target / ideal audience: If you launch a general message it is very difficult for it to reach the right people, and you will see that your work does not lead anywhere. So that this does not happen, you must study who your target audience or buyer person is:

Know what their motivations are.

What are their problems and how to solve them.

Who are your references?

Possible brakes when making your purchase.

Spend all the time you need to identify your target audience, think that not being clear about what you sell AND WHO you sell it to will affect the strategies you use to grow your brand.

Paid Advertising on Social Networks & Google Ads: Do you have an Online Store? Do you want to promote a specific product with a special offer? You can create advertising to reach your ideal audience.

ATTENTION!. By now we know that it is not as simple as clicking “Promote”. You must create an image that impacts, a text accompanied by sales strategies, which includes your CTA and with a segmentation of users who can see your advertising.

DO YOU NEED HELP WITH YOUR PAYMENT ADVERTISING MANAGEMENT FOR SOCIAL NETWORKS AND GOOGLE? Ask for a FREE consultancy with Xavier Sánchez to find the best plans to increase the visibility of your business.


The most important thing before putting our advice on STRATEGIES TO RECRUIT AND LOYALTY CUSTOMERS in 2021 is to achieve planning that can last over time.

Get organized, plan, try and repeat the actions that give good results. Evaluate the results of the month before organizing the next and persevere to achieve the best results.

What do you think of these tips? Which strategy will you start using first?

tell us.

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Gerard Heperd

Gerard Heperd