Guide to improve the shopping experience of your customers

You already know the most important aspects so that you can work and improve the shopping experience of your customers, now we only have to create the guide so that you can improve the shopping experience with your customers.

Establish the objective of your investigation

Before launching with your shopping experience plan, it is important that you clearly understand what you want to achieve, what is the objective of this process and who are the beneficiaries.

For this you must have a clear image of your target audience, their needs and what you want them to get out of this whole process, as we have seen previously in this article on Xavier Sánchez’s blog.

Understand current perceptions

Regardless of where you start, accepting and benefiting from the improvement of the shopping experience begins by accepting that you do not define this process, but the customer.

So if you’re not prepared to listen and act, you won’t get very far with your plan.

You need to understand current experiences, what is the ideal experience for them, their wants and needs at different stages of the customer lifecycle and for different interactions, the touch points they find and how well they work and why.

Remember, it’s not about what you want, but what your client needs.

Develop a shopping experience strategy
Now yes, we come to one of the most important points, the time to create a purchasing strategy consists of directing your company to define, design and offer an experience that exceeds customer expectations.

Create your own skeleton to carry out this process, identify the resources you will need to achieve it and how you should prioritize the activities to be carried out.

Design the ideal shopping experience

Guiding the definition of the “ideal experience” means different things to different customers and market segments.

The result of this guide to the shopping experience and the design of the service is that customers can have a positive perspective at each point of contact in which they are.

The design of this ideal shopping experience must generate experiences that are delivered consistently through the different touch points and the different delivery channels. This also involves planning for the behind-the-scenes systems, processes, and data sources that affect the experience.

You should also evaluate the ways in which you resolve customer issues.

Implement the action plan

Start internally, follow your roadmap to focus your business on delivering a consistent customer shopping experience. This implies improving the internal communication of your brand, training, systems redesign and alignment of rewards and compensation with the desired objectives.

Listen, measure, monitor and adjust

Listening to customers is essential to improve the shopping experience. It is also essential to recognize that this process never ends and will always adapt to new changes and trends in the digital world and online Marketing.
The only way to ensure that you meet the needs of your customers is to continue to listen to them and act on this information.

Compare internal and external metrics and measure the perceptions of your customers, employees and consumers of the competition. Studying the competition helps a lot to small and medium-sized companies that are in this process.


As we have seen, there are different ways to improve the shopping experience that our customers have and that can help generate more sales and attract more leads to our website.

By putting these measures into action, you’ll find new ways to engage your target audience and soon you’ll start to see results. Do not be discouraged if you see that it is a lot of information! Start small and take a few days to create this strategy.

Do not forget to also incorporate Digital Marketing actions to complement your website and encourage users to click, join, download or any action that generates interaction with your visitors.

If you feel overwhelmed with this task and prefer to leave it in professional hands, contact us so that we can create or modify your website in order to improve the experience of your buyers and increase your sales.

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Gerard Heperd

Gerard Heperd