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What does it mean to have “good practices” on LinkedIn? Well, in a few words we could say that having good practices for the social network is based on publishing the type of content for which the tool has been created.

For example, it is not the same content that is published on Facebook as on LinkedIn. One of the Social Networks accepts and is used by users who want to see “entertainment” content and in the other case it is more technical and professional content. Can you imagine what Social Network I was referring to in each example?

Then you can continue reading to learn about the best practices for LinkedIn for business.

Post relevant content to your community: Keep in mind that all your posts will be seen by professionals and potential clients. Behave!. Make sure you publish content that adds value and is of interest to your readers. Identify the problems that your ideal audience has and solve them professionally through posts, surveys or debates.
Create your own content: From LinkedIn you will have the possibility to share content created by other users or businesses, but keep in mind that it will be content that refers readers to the reference profile. Creating your own content and using strategy will be two great pillars of your success in the most popular tool for professionals.
You can be close to your community: Of course, without exaggerating. If you manage a business profile on LinkedIn, you will be able to post updates regarding your business that will be “personal,” such as new staff additions, congratulations to employees, or new project announcements.
Write conscientiously and in the language of your community: In the same way that you write your blog, you must manage to write the content of your publications. Believe it or not, SEO is present in practically all of our digital actions. Don’t know what SEO is? Learn what you need to know from our SEO Positioning for Beginners Blog article.
Listen to your audience: After starting to publish your valuable content, it is the moment in which you will begin to listen to the community. You can carry out surveys or simply see the reactions that your readers have on the topics you discuss. A tip from a Digital Marketing agency: Surveys are usually the publications that have the most interactions and allow it to be seen by other like-minded users.
Interact with your audience: Even though it is a platform from which professionals connect, we must think like a social network. And what are Social Networks about? Precisely to create networks and connections between people, simply try to approach conversations with a professional tone and without so many emoticons. Participate by commenting on posts or updates from your community, whenever appropriate and with the respect it deserves.
Include your services as a company on LinkedIn: We know, it seems very obvious, right? But many companies are dedicated to publishing without explicitly announcing what their strengths are and the reasons why it would be good to hire their services or buy their products.
Analyze at the end of the month what has worked and what has not: Before starting work the following month, review the metrics of your posts on LinkedIn. Find out what has been the best time to publish, the type of content, the words used and if it has been of interest to your readers.
Use all the resources that are free: You can redirect your visitors from your website or social profiles to the LinkedIn page so you don’t lose any news. Do not forget to add the CTA so that they follow you on LinkedIn!
When you are ready, invest a little: As you have seen, many actions can be taken to increase the visibility of your business on the social network, but sometimes a little publicity does not hurt. The only thing you have to keep in mind is that before placing the card data, you have to have your strategy in mind, the results you want to obtain, the graphic and text pieces you will need to persuade your visitors.

Apply all these tips to manage your LinkedIn company page well. You will see how by optimizing your page and planning all the publications well, you will have much more traffic and you will be able to reach the users that really interest you.

Keep in mind that in Spain, more than half of Internet users use this website to look for work or to contract services, so you cannot stay out of the game. Read on to learn more about running your Linkedin business.

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Gerard Heperd

Gerard Heperd