Everything that encompasses your automated marketing functionality

Automation processes are defined as those that allow tasks that require time to be carried out without the need for human resources. This platform automatically executes these details, freeing up the workload to focus on other aspects.

With this functionality of ActiveCampaign, the site is tracked automatically along with their respective interactions. In this way, it contributes to the identification of the profile of potential clients, creating segmentation of the audience.

Through segmentation, it conceives a flow of adequate information and interest according to what the client needs. To do this, generate emails, message broadcasts or drip marketing campaigns conducive to consolidating an objective.

At the same time, it offers an updated map in real time with the client’s cycle in regards to automated processes. In this way, it is identified if it is following the respective channel, how is the performance and verify if any point needs to be adjusted.

Finally, it provides advanced and correct reports on the development of marketing automation. Thus, it is evaluated how successful the campaign has been and how it can perform better. On the other hand, it assigns values to customers committed to the brand, notifying them via email of their interactions.

Offering automated helpdesk for customer needs

ActiveCampagin allows the creation of a personalized help or customer service with great performance. To define this type of tool, the platform tracks the interactions, modus operandi, or public click trail.

In this way, the most common problems or typical customer queries are identified, establishing a pattern of action in response to them. And it not only applies a panorama of inconveniences, but also everything that the client likes. In this way, an unequivocal way to achieve a better bond with the interested people is at hand.

By providing attention, services or products that the public likes so much, a greater flow of sales is generated. Likewise, with personalized chat, automatic messages are anchored with the delivery of rewards, discounts or secondary promotions to the customer’s interaction. In general terms, it is a way of rewarding the individual for his loyalty to the company.

Finally, there is a record of a help service available wherever and whenever. Through chatbot automations, triggered or scheduled emails, and multi-channel support, the customer is supported. All this with enriching information or data that provides solutions to problems, concerns or various scenarios.

Is ActiveCampaign in Spanish?

ActiveCampaign in Spanish is a tangible possibility despite the platform being set to English by default. Upon entering its interface, it grants the power to change the language to have Spanish-speaking support.

For those people who have difficulties with any other language, ActiveCampaign in Spanish has the solution. Digital marketing campaigns cannot ignore the Hispanic market since its relevance is absolute. That is why the tools related to this type of process always have Hispanic support.

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Gerard Heperd

Gerard Heperd