Email marketing. What is this popular form of digital advertising about?

This process emphasizes the promotion of the brand, service or product through the massive dissemination of emails. This type of procedure is applied from a strategic perspective of online marketing.

As such, it is possible to send emails to your contacts with announcements, promotions, discounts, invitations or information related to the company. With ActiveCampaign, this functionality deepens the work, explained later in detail.

Defining what CRM processes are will allow you to understand more about ActiveCampaign

CRM is the acronym in English assigned to Customer Relationship Management or what it is in Spanish: customer relationship management. In addition to digital marketing or email marketing itself, these processes are extremely relevant to the success of the brand.

ActiveCampaign offers a specialized system to promote this methodology, allowing constant data traffic from the public. That is, it evaluates the interactions with users or potential interested parties to learn about them. Literally, it automatically manages the relationship with the client.

ActiveCampaign reviews: benefits. How much benefit is extracted from this platform?

When searching for “ActiveCampaign opinions: advantages” on the Internet, the references will be varied, but a large percentage of them are positive. In general, it is a powerful digital marketing automation software and is recognized by those who have used it.

Extraordinary reach and integration

The main advantage of ActiveCampaign is its ability to integrate with other platforms. Since the same year 2003, it has teamed up with an exorbitant range of applications to improve work and user experience.

Entities like Facebook, Gmail or WordPress itself are part of the great compendium where the scope of this software is. Along with them, Shopify, a major e-commerce store, or integration tools like Zapier are other major prospects. As mentioned, there are more than 800 applications that ActiveCampagin can work with.

Special for small and medium-sized companies

The growth of SMEs (small and medium-sized companies) involves selecting a marketing tool that helps them continue to scale. In favor of this initiative, AC (ActiveCampaign) is specific to them. With its specialized options or alternatives, as well as templates or key access points, it becomes a friendly and complete platform.

Different action plans

Among the “ActiveCampaign opinions: advantages” that the experts mention, lie their various action plans. AC is a platform that works with subscriptions, but it unfolds depending on what you are looking for.

Emphasizing the plans, AC proposes the Lite version, followed by the Plus, Professional and Enterprise edition respectively. As can be seen, each of them includes a basic aspect that differentiates one from the other.

High percentage of delivery and effectiveness

AC is recognized worldwide for actively managing automated marketing campaigns in a coordinated and efficient manner. In relation to email marketing, its entire system delimits a series of protocols that filter the type of email that can be sent.

Through audience segmentation, scheduled emails or the famous funnels, it is possible to convert potential customers into paying customers. As a result, sales, brand recognition and business growth are boosted.

ActiveCampaign is backed by a high rate of positive email deliveries. This same is calculated with the result between the emails sent and those that not only reach their destination, but are also opened. Therefore, it follows that the number of people who open and interact with the mail is high.

And what are the disadvantages of ActiveCampaign? A look at the downside of the platform

Despite being designed primarily for beginners, the level of learning becomes more complex as you go up. AC is a software that works in stages, so the difficulty increases at each level. In this sense, the learning curve becomes more demanding.
Also, depending on the type of plan or subscription, the interface of the platform will show some reluctance. Not all of its aspects are fundamentally intuitive, requiring basic knowledge to manipulate.
When it comes to content, ActiveCampaign lags a bit behind, for example, in its library of email marketing templates. Likewise, other designs intended for other digital marketing campaigns should be enhanced to be a little more attractive.

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Gerard Heperd

Gerard Heperd