Electronic Commerce: Sell at all times, for everyone

The icing on the cake! With what happened due to the Coronavirus pandemic, e-commerce is at the best moment in its history, and businesses that already had online stores have experienced incredible increases in sales, growing in ways that could never have been foreseen. Nowadays, shopping on the internet has become part of the daily routine of people, who increasingly choose to purchase products from their computers or cell phones, and receive them in the comfort of their homes.

Electronic commerce offers us several advantages over traditional commerce, both for customers and for sellers, here are some of them:

Benefits for consumers:

Possibility of purchase 24 hours a day and anywhere in the world
Possibility of customizing products, and in turn the ease of comparing them with others
Greater access to product information and the opinions of other consumers

Benefits for sellers

Reduction of distribution, communication and price costs
Anyone can have a small business
It offers the possibility of selling to the whole world
Possibility of selling 24 hours a day from anywhere in the world
Modern e-commerce offers great possibilities for organization and technology
You will obtain the metrics of your business (data collected by analytics programs) that will allow you to know your audience even more, to continue optimizing your site.

If you want to learn even more about electronic commerce, visit our article where we explain everything you need to know to create a virtual store yourself.

Sure, the increase in the use of electronic commerce has considerably increased competition, but a reliable brand identity, a site that is intuitive, secure, easy to use, fast and above all, an excellent user experience, will make you succeed and outperform your competitors. This is where Xavier Sánchez will ensure that all those objectives are achieved and your sales grow like never before!

How does Mano Digital take care of the success of my eCommerce?

For your e-commerce to be successful, there is a long list of points to take into account when starting the operation. faltronsoft will take care of:

Site design: It is essential that the first impression of your potential customers of your e-commerce is satisfactory. Modern, clean interfaces, with images and colors that achieve perfect harmony, are our main ally so that the aesthetic part of your virtual store is formidable.

Speed: Who likes to wait in long lines to enter a business, bank or institution? To nobody! Something similar happens in electronic commerce. If users take too long to browse your catalog or make their purchases, they will eventually get fed up and you will have lost a sale. We take care of optimizing the operation of your site so that it is fluid and enjoyable for all devices.

Security: Did you notice that when entering some sites we are warned that our data could be vulnerable to theft? Would you leave your personal information and credit cards in a place like this? Mano Digital has the tools so that your site works 24 hours a day in the safest way possible, so that you and your clients do not have to worry.

Digital marketing strategy: We will never achieve the sales goal without a strategy to reach your potential customers, and that they buy in your online store. Through search engine optimization, paid advertising campaigns, social media promotion and email marketing campaigns, these objectives will be met and your store will be successful.

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Gerard Heperd

Gerard Heperd