Disadvantages of using a content calendar for social networks.

NONE! Planning your content will always be a good idea and will help you work in a more professional way. Keep reading and we will show you the steps to follow to create an efficient publication calendar, and the tools that Xavier Sánchez uses.
Defining your marketing strategy, which channels should I use to better reach my target audience?

Before starting to plan your publications, you must first know about what you are going to publish, what your competitors are doing, what your potential customers want, what type of content they appreciate the most, what real goals you want to achieve in your communication channels, among others. things. We leave you with a small list of tasks that you should complete before starting your planning and publishing your content:

Set real and measurable goals: How many followers would I like to gain monthly? How many inquiries would I ideally receive when promoting my latest product? How many sales per month do I want to achieve through my Instagram? Setting specific, measurable, achievable goals and objectives within limited time frames will help measure our success in networks. Do not fall into the temptation of counting “likes” or retweets, but you must count what is really profitable for your business and that makes worth the time you dedicate to your networks.

Study your audience: Without targeting your content correctly, all your effort will come to nothing. Define your target audience by their location, interests, likes and dislikes, age, purchasing power and everything else that may be relevant to your business. Take surveys, ask acquaintances, study the followers of your competition, and act.

Study your competitors: If your competitors exist, they are probably using a social network, so you can analyze everything they do to reach your target audience. Analyze their work, pay attention to which social network they dedicate more effort to and which they don’t, study their publications, their designs, their texts, their payment and contact methods. Put yourself on the client’s side and think about what you would like from a business when it comes to acquiring its products or services, to achieve it and even improve it.

Optimize your profiles and accounts: Choose which social networks you are going to use, according to the function that each of them fulfills when communicating your products or services to your audience. All the RRSS have different objectives, from attracting new followers, retaining them, to looking for employees and contacting the press.

Look for inspiration: Subscribe to newsletters from companies and entities already consolidated in your field, read specific magazines on the subject, follow your competitors in all their communication channels and read their blog articles. Don’t reinvent the wheel, just make it spin.

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Gerard Heperd

Gerard Heperd