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When we talk about digital marketing, we refer to the application of marketing strategies carried out by different digital media. All this, apart from selling, is intended to create a corporate identity for your business or venture.

As we always clarify, each business is particular and there is no guaranteed success formula for anyone. For this reason, at Xavier Sánchez we offer you a free 30-minute meeting so that you can tell us about the needs, objectives and particularities of your project, and in this way offer a tailor-made plan to achieve growth and achieve your goals together.

The digital marketing services we provide are the following:
SEO positioning: appear in the top positions of Google

When you open your website, one of your objectives is that when they search for what you offer, it is to appear among the first positions in Google. For this, creating a beautiful and modern website is only the beginning, since it must contain a series of texts and key phrases that allow search engines to easily understand what your page is about to show it to users who can serve them. This task requires knowledge of constantly changing trends and algorithms, apart from constant maintenance of the website.

You can visit our blog, where we wrote a complete article teaching you how to position your site in the first search positions.
SEM positioning: pay for your site to be displayed in the ads section when potential customers search for your products or services.

So with SEO, but in this case investing in advertising, the objective of this service is to receive quality customers who perform a certain desired action on your site.

One would think that only by investing a constant flow of money the results will come, since the ads are always shown first, but this is a very common mistake. Advertising must be creative and beautiful, but it also requires transmitting messages clearly, making constant changes in the way of attracting customers until finding the ideal one, controlling investment flows according to hours and location, and constantly evaluating the results so as not to waste money.

Social media management: the quintessential means of communication for the 21st century.

At present, social networks are essential for any business, since they form one of the largest sales channels of electronic commerce.

Falling into the trap that a successful social network is one that has many followers or shares beautiful content is one of the most common mistakes made by entrepreneurs: these media have countless people on them and look for the public that really wants to buy your products or services is a complicated task, which requires study, perseverance, analysis and investment of both time and money.

Our marketing agency analyzes your needs and offers you the management of the networks that best suit your business, including: Instagram, Pinterest, Google My Business, LinkedIn and YouTube, among others.

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Gerard Heperd

Gerard Heperd