Differences between UX Design and UI Design.

And although these two concepts are related, it does not mean that they depend on each other. We will teach you what are the differences between both, UX design and UI design.

User Interface is about reason, while User eXperience is about emotion: Although both head in different directions, they must coincide in the search for your ideal audience.
User Interface exists with a visual interface: In many cases, the user’s feeling in relation to the browsing experience is not linked to the screen.
While UI directs a user inside your website, UX makes navigation enjoyable: The User Interface allows for intuitive website navigation, as even the most beautiful site will not satisfy visitors if you cannot navigate correctly.
UI or also called User Interface, refers to the creation of the interface, which can be graphic or developed by technologies such as HTML, CSS, YUI, jQuery, etc. UX or User Experience refers to the usability of a certain website from the perspective of the user who visits it.

In other words, the UI design is in charge of styles and identity, and the UX of the process related to interactions. Now that you know the differences between them, let’s learn about the benefits of using both layout types together.

Benefits of using UI and UX Design together:

Separately, each one will bring good results for your business, but only if you use both together will you have the following benefits:

Generate valuable content for your audience: If you have a correctly designed interface and you know the behavior of your buyer persona, you will obtain an interface of much more value for your audience.
The chance that your visitors will return: We know that not all businesses have an immediate action to take, and it is likely that they will return to your website if the job is done well.
You retain users: In this way you allow Google to announce that the content generated is of quality and thus it will teach your website to new visitors.
Strengthen your brand: Companies that care about providing a complete experience to their customers through digital channels (such as websites, apps and rss) will strengthen the relationship with users.
It will increase your conversions: And we have found the searched result for which you have created your website. Sell ​​more.

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Gerard Heperd

Gerard Heperd