New and future generations demand and need socially conscious brands with topics of interest. Brands need to get out of their “perfect world” comfort zone and show concern or appreciation for the issues that affect our lives. Examples of them would be: equality, inclusion, healthy eating, climate change, mental health and many more.

Brands that do not show interest in the general well-being of the world in the following years will be punished by the loss of trust from their customers.

One of the trends in Trends in Social Networks will be false information and hoaxes. Since the beginning of the use of RRSS we have come across false news and those who believe it, and for this reason all brands must collaborate to put an end to it and always provide quality information.


A trip back in time often has a positive impact on those who have lived through certain eras. Users seek to go back to times when “everything in the past was better” to be able to charge themselves with positivism and disconnect from their current problems.

The idea is to look for content that has a certain emotional charge and takes us back in time. The ideal public to carry out these campaigns will be 60, 70, 80 or 90.

Using content with characters, music, formats or celebrities from past times will be Trends in Social Networks.

Digitization will continue to be a mandatory trend, in the purchase of products and services through electronic commerce as well as in training through events and online content pills.

Content of high educational value must be provided to an audience that is more aware and willing to consume educational content.

We must not lose enthusiasm, despite the very particular situation in which we are living, and memes are an excellent strategy. Brands can demonstrate their “fun” side by including their product or service. The only aspect that you should take into account before uploading materials of this type is the repercussion it may have.

By analyzing the connotations of the joke and checking that user comments do not distort the intention, you will be safe and you will be able to deliver quality material to your followers.

If we talk about visual trends regarding the Coronavirus, brands must use tones that transmit hygiene and protection against contagion. Brands with physical spaces, and much more those that involve food, must transmit cleanliness and safety protocols to their customers.


Instant messaging applications such as Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger and Telegram are not considered as RRSS. However, they have similar uses, and the effects they generate on their users have an impact in the same way as their behavior on social networks.

For example, as a trend we will find a WhatsApp with the inclusion of payments from the chat, for the product catalogs that we have uploaded to WhatsApp Business accounts. For several years now they have been trying to become a sales channel for small businesses, and it seems that they are succeeding. Still don’t have your WhatsApp Business account registered? Activate to sell more.

We can dedicate a section for such endearing emails. Email is not in itself a social network, but just like instant messaging it continues (despite the years) with an important role in communication, updating promotions and generating a network of contacts and potential customers for your business.

In fact, there are more email accounts than any number of users on the most popular social platforms. And that is why we should always bet on good Email Marketing campaigns. Email as a communication channel will continue to grow, through In-mail sales or purchases, through which they can directly purchase a product.

Don’t know how to create EMAIL CAMPAIGNS for your clients? Do you need clients to send email chains? We can help you achieve your advertising objectives via email. Contact us and receive a FREE advice with faltronsoft!



In terms of trends, we saw a new generation of creators who make visible relegated groups with important audiences and with a lot of amplification. For brands in general, 2020 was a break and many companies have turned to the use of influencers because it is a medium that grew in consumption, especially at the beginning of the quarantine. Today the world of influencers moves at two levels: what we see in the media are celebrities and influencers with a lot of arrival, newsworthy and that arouse interest in other audiences and, a broader world, of smaller influencers with intense communities. The latter are the ones that are transforming trends and uses.

Photos, videos, reels, live broadcasts, etc. For all types of content, it will apply the “non-editing” look that appears to be publications without filters or alterations. The reason? More and more brands prefer to collaborate with influencers who are more real and connect better with their audience.

The following years will be full of posts with the hashtag #NoFilter and the feeds will no longer be perfectly curated. This will make way for more organic, authentic, and plausible content.


Even the technophobes among us have had to get used to living online this past year. As more people learn how to order from an app or host family video calls, they will become less tolerant of unfriendly technology and user experiences.

As users become more accustomed to using digital tools and products as a result of the pandemic, they will learn to better interact with ads and demand a better user experience.

An example that we have not yet mentioned but that is worth knowing is that of virtual reality. One of the great trends of this year and that will gain more strength in the coming years. The video game industry has revived Virtual Reality and increased its profits, with which they can project a growth of 2 billion dollars by 2024.

Another of the technologies of the future that is gaining more popularity and presence. In fact, it is expected that in the following years we will be able to see its fruits in services as diverse as tattoos, restaurant menus, geolocation and entertainment.

We don’t know what the future holds in relation to how locked up or healthy we will be next year, but we can be sure that technology will continue to advance to make our lives easier.


Another of the trends in social networks and in line with the previous ones is the rise of e-commerce.

E-Commerce has grown exponentially, so much so that it has already reached the levels expected for the year 2025. This marked growth, caused by the pandemic, has forced new online shopping habits on people who have traditionally tried to avoid it. .

This new behavior has implied interesting changes in the development of online sales integrated into most social networks. Digital selling will need to be much more social.

Undoubtedly, the circumstances of 2020 have caused the acceleration of processes that were already underway. For example, the digitization of physical stores, which already enters the door of small businesses when recently it was only implemented in large retail brands. With this, data collection, customer experience and process automation will continue to gain relevance.


And this is where we want to leave you tips for managing social networks. Because if you can carry them correctly, they will be of great value to your business.

Now, let’s take an in-depth look at what actions you can and should take to improve your presence on RRSS. We will represent it in question mode, just as it is made by our followers and clients:

Should my business have an online presence on all Social Networks such as Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, TikTok, etc?

Surely you have already experienced the feeling of wanting to carry out many tasks at the same time and failing in the attempt. The important thing is to be able to focus our projects correctly, not to do it in large numbers and on all platforms.

You must find the social network that best suits the message you want to communicate with your audience. The best option for this would be to publish a blog and take one of the social platforms. Take advantage of the Trends in Social Networks and Manage your RRSS like a Community Manager If you ask your followers, you will surely find the answer to the social network that best suits you.

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Gerard Heperd

Gerard Heperd