Creating Your Social Media Content Calendar: Step by Step

We come to the main point of the article! You have already defined your target audience, researched your competitors, you follow dozens of pages that serve as inspiration, you have subscribed to dozens of newsletters, and you do not stop thinking about ideas that you will put into practice to reach your customers in the most appropriate way. followers. It’s time to put all that on the calendar! But before…

Carrying out an audit of our channels: verify that everything is in order before starting to publish.

Something very important to take into account to avoid setbacks when everything is already working, is to carry out an initial audit of our digital communication channels to verify that they are working optimally and professionally. Whether it is a small personal venture, or a company with a team made up of designers, writers, analysts and Community Managers, you must meet certain standards when starting the foray into the digital world. To consider:

Have a defined audience according to the segmentation that is convenient for us (location, age group, ethnicity, purchasing power, interests, etc.)
Objectives and goals to be met, measurable in defined periods of time
How to measure the key metrics for the success of each channel
Knowledge of the most successful campaigns and publications, as well as the failures or mistakes.
The responsibilities and tasks of each team member defined
Account security (passwords and controlled access)
Verify that all team members have access to the resources they will need, and are trained to use them
Contingency plans in case of errors, criticisms, complaints, cybercrimes and other problems that may arise during the process.
Verify that there are no obsolete profiles created by the company, or false accounts from third parties, that steal our followers or damage the image of the brand.

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Gerard Heperd

Gerard Heperd