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Below we have created a complete guide for you to create your WordPress store in Spain for FREE to grow your business.

We will know the benefits and disadvantages of WordPress to create websites and online stores. We will also review the step by step so that you can create your own site, including the domain and other tasks so that you can succeed with your online business.

Should you have a website or online store for your brand?

In these times of ever-increasing technology and internet shopping, it’s hard to think of websites that can’t upsell your business.

Every professional supplier wants their customers to find their way to their products as quickly as possible, from anywhere and at any time. Having an online business allows you to draw up very good Marketing strategies to create new and irresistible offers.

In other words, with a good job you can achieve objectives such as: increased sales, greater visibility, expanding the customer network, generating trust among customers…

Discover many more benefits and disadvantages of having an online store in our Xavier Sánchez Blog article – What is a website and a web page? What should I have before starting the creation of my web pages?

A technological barrier has been overcome.

And it is that a few years ago the idea of creating your own website seemed impossible. However, today, and thanks to the “simplicity” that has been achieved with some platforms, you can create your own website without the need to be a programming expert.

Let’s be honest, nothing in this world is that simple, but with our guide you will be able to learn the most important aspects to start creating a website and how to optimize it so that it is visible.

What do I need to create my FREE Online Store with WordPress?

To start your e-commerce project you will need to prepare:

Web domain.
Web hosting.
Platform to develop the project.

Remember that your domain name will be remembered by customers and seen by new visitors, it must be an attractive name.

This is one of the most interesting initial parts of any online project. Choosing a good domain is essential in an online store.

Both the name and the domain must be easy to remember and write, they must be as short as possible and, if possible, descriptive.

If your brand already has a name and logo, it will be much easier to start creating it.
What is WooCommerce?

Users have at their disposal a popular software, with different functions that allow to create, edit and scale a store with a great variety of extensions (called plugins, we will talk about them later) one of the extensions is WooCommerce. And this plugin allows your site to have an integrated Online Store. You should know that WooCommerce and WordPress are closely related. We will make an introduction so that it is understood:

WordPress is the most recognized CMS both in Europe and Latin America. And despite the fact that WordPress is NOT an electronic commerce platform at its core, it is one of the most used platforms worldwide to create Virtual Stores.
One of the most common ways to link this CMS (content management system or content management system) is to create an online store with the plugin: WooCommerce.

WooCommerce is a free WordPress plugin that can be downloaded, installed and integrated into the CMS menu very easily. According to WordPress, this is one of the most popular eCommerce systems. Currently, around 42% of global eCommerce is operated with this software solution.

You can get it in its free version, where WooCommerce offers a large number of features for the comprehensive operation of a professional online store. And if you wish, they can be extended with advanced functions (for a fee). However, if you accept some limitations, this WordPress eCommerce solution provides the basic functionality to create a competitive online store.

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Gerard Heperd

Gerard Heperd