Correctly choose which channels we are going to use.

Based on all the points seen so far in the article, we should already know and understand the demographics of our target audience, and in this way we can choose which digital communication channels we will use to reach them. The most used are Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and TikTok, which fulfill different functions in your digital marketing strategy.

Facebook: the social network for business.

Today, it is a fact that Facebook is the social network with the most tools for companies to offer their products to potential customers, and also the one that works best to acquire followers through paid advertising. It has powerful tools such as:

Integration with online store
meeting scheduling
Information about schedules
Calls to action direct to WhatsApp Business
Forms to build databases of potential clients
Paid ad campaigns infinite configurations according to the objective we seek
Own analytics software
Many other tools, which we will talk about in a separate article soon.

Instagram: the most popular branding tool.

Although interesting options have been added in recent times when it comes to generating sales and offering products, our Instagram strategy should focus on getting customers who already know the brand to get involved with it, to get to know your way of working and the team behind it. of the project, its philosophy, but in a very visual way since its forte are images and videos.

For your Instagram page to be successful, your goal should be to build a true community that feels an affinity for your brand and your philosophy, while the brand also reflects interest and gratitude towards followers (and customers).
YouTube: useful and educational video content for your customers.

Usually, YouTube is often overlooked in marketing plans, since some do not consider it a social network and see it only as a video platform. The truth is that is the least important, since this platform registers 2 BILLION monthly users around the entire planet. A considerable audience, right?

Using this platform to provide informative content and educate your customers or potential customers will make your brand stand out from your competitors like no other.

Twitter: open dialogues with the press and influencers in a simple and effective way.

This social network, the fifth most popular in the world and with 145 million daily active users, represents a great opportunity to consolidate your brand, gain followers and increase sales. The hashtags, retweets and appointments functions allow your company to participate in conversations with other companies in the field, consumers, suppliers and even politicians and influencers, from all over the world in a very simple way. Do not hesitate to use it if you think it can help you grow!

LinkedIn: the social network for professionals.

Do you have a company that already has several employees and want to have a way to communicate professionally with them? Are you a freelancer looking for work and partnering with other freelancers? Do you need new talents for your project? LinkedIn is your ideal digital communication medium for this task. More than 30 million companies and 690 million users use this platform to grow professionally, meet colleagues, look for a job, offer employment or consume specialized content in the area that interests us, since LinkedIn includes everything from CEOs of transnational companies to DJs. .

Pinterest: social network and inspiration tool.

Even more visually focused than Instagram (and even more optimized for it), Pinterest leads social media when it comes to sharing high-quality photo content, artwork, and graphic design of all kinds. It has powerful integration features with virtual stores and allows link sharing, so if we can get the attention of our potential customers with our content, we could also achieve an excellent conversion rate. It is one of the networks that has grown the most in recent times and plans to continue like this!

TikTok: a network that came to change the rules of the game.

The brand new Chinese social network has completely changed the way of sharing content, being a platform exclusively dedicated to VIDEO, the content that has generated the most public acceptance since 2020 and that currently dominates the algorithms of other networks. If we are targeting an adolescent or young audience, a good presence on TikTok could grow your brand and bring it closer to your users than ever before. Thousands of athletes, influencers, politicians, artists and public figures have TikTok accounts and their reach has increased dramatically since they have been using this platform. Are you going to be left out?

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Gerard Heperd

Gerard Heperd