Content strategy for TikTok

What are the kinds of content that tend to have the most visits on TikTok?

Funny videos: Comedy is a great component in this application and most of the clips have their personal brand of comedy that seeks to get a laugh or two to attract more audiences. Many of them tend to be quite short and simple, but if you have a good idea and the creativity to make it a little more elaborate then feel free to start filming and showing your venture.

Music Videos: Content with a musical backbone; whether it’s lip-syncing famous songs, creating or recreating choreographies, and even talking about a topic or product with a musical background. These videos have a great chance of success and even more so if you link them with hashtags or songs that are trending.

Duets with other people: Another very useful feature of this application is the possibility of making duets, both musical and interactive, with other users, even with celebrities with millions of followers! Which will also generate an increase in the reach of your TikToks.

Challenges or challenges through hashtags: If there is something that stands out and can be seen very often on Tiktok, it is viral challenges, be it a dance, telling anecdotes or showing skills (yours or even your pets). If you use the default hashtag for the challenge, your video will almost certainly get views. A very famous challenge of 2020 was the #filpswitchchallenge, managing to accumulate more than 1.7 billion views together; The challenge consisted of two people in front of a mirror with two different looks, who with a simple turning off and on the light, exchange outfits and positions with each other.

Those are some types of videos to inspire you, but don’t forget that the important thing is to let your imagination run wild and be creative in the type of content and message you want to create and share.

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Gerard Heperd

Gerard Heperd