Content creators: Instagram’s strategy

Content creators: Instagram’s strategy to retain them

Exclusive Stories: The new monetization system a la ”OnlyFans” or ”Patreon”
As we told you, the main objective of Instagram executives this year is to turn the platform into a video network, and for this to be achieved it is necessary to keep these content creators who make more and more people join the application to be aware of the news of your favorite topics. To ensure that these Influencers or relevant figures do not move to other networks, the creators of the App have launched what will be known as “Exclusive stories”, a tool for users who wish to create exclusive story content for those followers who are willing to pay this price. Although it is not something new in the world of networks, since applications such as YouTube or the “OnlyFans” website that has gained popularity in recent times have already put it into practice, it is a great step for Instagram for its marketing strategy. manage to increase the number of downloads, users within it and make their shares increasingly higher.

Instagram Shopping: The Future of Ecommerce

If there is something good that the pandemic has left us over these years, it is the increase and discovery for many users of shopping through social networks due to the high consumption of these in recent years. According to eMarketer, by 2025 network selling will be an industry of approximately 80,000 million dollars. For this reason, we assure you that during this 2022 one of the strategic movements that you should begin to implement, if you had not done so before, is to add the shopping option provided by Instagram (known as “Instagram shopping” or “Shop ”) and thus make the experience of your customers in the event that you want to acquire something of what you are offering them is simpler; Make sure that the aesthetics of this store is similar to the one that goes with your main page in order to maintain harmony and we also recommend that you select or place in first place those products that sell the most or that you think might interest your buyers the most. they should not be scrolling too long before finding their desired product.

Instagram Checkout: finalize your purchase without leaving the application.

Instagram Checkout makes it possible to sell or buy products on Instagram without the need to exit the application, it is in a way the complement of Instagram Shopping, and allows users and business owners to make commercial transactions with an ease similar to an e-platform. commerce like any other. The difference between Instagram shopping and Instagram checkout is that the first allows users to see the catalog with the items you are selling and the second is specifically in charge of processing the purchase.

What this platform seeks to achieve by adding and improving all these tools is that both the buyer’s experience and the seller’s actions increase without the need to create accounts on different platforms that are dedicated to online sales, taking into account that Instagram has a great diversity in products and it is difficult that you cannot find something that you like there. For you, as a creator looking to reach more people and sell what you have to offer, adding a sales catalog can expand your audience considerably and, in the event that the reviews are positive, attract even more interested users. .

Internal Messaging: How Direct Messages Have Improved

In recent times, Instagram has begun to pay specific attention to the different forms of interaction that can be done between the owner of an account and his followers: the appearance of “question stickers” are a clear example of this and even we believe which is a great way to interact in a very direct way with those who follow you and to show that their opinions or proposals have value.

The big news regarding Instagram direct messaging is the implementation of secure chats: When we talk about ways to communicate, probably the main applications we think of are probably WhatsApp or Messenger, but Instagram is working on a new way to communicate with our followers through the application for what will be known as “Safe Chat”; This new form of communication that will come in the coming months will use what is known as “end-to-end encryption”, which provides even greater security when sending messages, photos, videos or any kind of content in a chat so that there is no way for another user to review the conversations you may be having with a client or with friends or family.

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Gerard Heperd

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