Companies that use Tiktok in their strategies.

KFC: The fast food chain, with more than half a million followers, opted for more humorous content and likes to recreate or post videos of its customers while they enjoy the products they offer.

NBA: The famous basketball league in the United States has more than 12 million followers on its Tik Tok account. In it, they share funny videos that happened during their matches or even of their players participating in different challenges to further connect sports fans.

Sephora: The renowned makeup brand was not far behind and is now one of the accounts that collects the most views in the world of TikTok makeup. His “makeup tutorials” and collaborations with celebrities report hundreds of thousands of views and this has a great impact on the consumption of his products.


If you want to add a fresh touch and attract a younger audience to your business, since the highest percentage of users is between 18 and 24 years old, do not hesitate to use this application to promote your brand.

Experiment within it, be original, create content regularly and you will soon achieve organic growth. Something that TikTok has taught marketers is that showing up on new platforms, adding your personal footprint, can help you attract audiences you couldn’t reach (such as young people) and boost your company’s recognition.

Funny, simple and short content that shows the details that make your business unique, will delight viewers and make them feel close to your brand, something essential in INBOUND MARKETING.

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Gerard Heperd

Gerard Heperd