Blog: the most powerful weapon in your digital marketing plan and organic positioning


A blog post, written the right way and targeted to a specific audience, can be a great way to improve your organic search engine rankings.

Each blog article can be ranked individually for different key phrases related to your business, making you appear in more searches and reach more users and potential customers.

It is essential that articles use the same guidelines that we described above to position the pages of a site, since they will contain new and valuable information that is updated periodically on your site.

A good blog article must have optimized images, a correct hierarchy of titles and subtitles, prior keyword research and correct use of them.

This type of publication is of great value to search engines, since they usually contain unique content, links to other sites, images and current affairs, which generate great value for users, which is why Google ranks them higher than the pages. static or not regularly updated.

Soon we will tell you how Xavier Sánchez partners plan, write and optimize our blog articles.
Social networks and email campaigns: important allies for your SEO strategy.

Today social networks are a great place to look for new clients, and we have a wide variety of them to target the niche we want to captivate! Using them to direct traffic to your website is a great idea to improve the quality of it before the search engines.

Also, although they have lost a bit of prominence to social networks, email campaigns are an excellent way to attract quality traffic to our sites and thus improve their positioning. Do not hesitate to use this great tool to grow on the web!

Measuring the results of all your work with metrics and web analytics.

If you have already reached this point, you probably know a little more about SEO than before, or at least we hoped so when we wrote this post.

The work you have done, the study and the dedication when it comes to updating your site and constantly writing valuable content, can be measured by powerful tools that will let you know if your Search Engine Optimization is giving results, attracting more traffic to your site, generating sales, newsletter subscriptions, inquiries or downloads (depending on what you are looking for)

Google Analytics: the ultimate web analytics tool
Surely you have heard or read about this tool, capable of monitoring each and every one of the steps that your visitors take on your websites: from the place they come from, to each button they press on your site.

Thanks to this tool, which is installed in the pages of your site by placing a small code snippet in the <head> tag, and placing triggers in the events as buttons on the site, you will be able to know who accesses your site through Google searches, by advertising, by social networks, directly and many more options.

You will never know if your work is really giving the results you are looking for if you do not analyze all these factors and take the necessary actions to improve these items.


Search engine optimization is a process that takes time and study, but perseverance and correct use of the tools can give great satisfaction when visitors begin to reach your site without having to invest in advertising to appear in their searches.

Following the advice that we provide in this article, complemented with reliable information from other sources and mainly PRACTICE, the SEO of your website will improve substantially and the results will surely arrive.

If you have a website and do not have the time that this process requires to bear fruit, do not hesitate to consult our advice and delegate it to professionals who will accompany you and guide you on your way to digital success. CONTACT US!

Until next time!

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Gerard Heperd

Gerard Heperd